Egypt asks for assurances that Israel will keep Turkey away from Gaza


Egypt asks for assurances that Israel will keep Turkey away from Gaza

Egyptian officials have expressed concern about allowing Turkey to have a role in the Hamas ruled enclave

Egypt has asked Israel for clarifications regarding the recent progress in a reconciliation pact with Turkey, Israel’s Haaretz reported on Thursday.

According to the report, Egyptian officials have expressed their concern about allowing Turkey to have a role in the Hamas ruled enclave of the Gaza Strip and have asked whether or not Israel had committed to easing restrictions in the blockade imposed on the Strip.

Turkey outlined three conditions necessary for the normalization of ties: an official apology from Israel for the deaths of Turkish nationals during the 2010 flotilla raid; payment of compensation to the families of those killed; and lifting the blockade on the Gaza strip.

According to Haaretz, senior Egyptian foreign ministry officials met with Israel’s ambassador to Egypt Haim Koren to ask whether or not Israel and Turkey were close to complete normalization of ties since over the last two years there has been a serious break in relations between Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

So, in my understanding, Egypt distrusts Turkey and see them as a Muslim Brotherhood supporter. How does the US stand on this and how is our relationship with Egypt?


Interesting, diplomatically it would be good to have another country with ties Israel that is majority Muslim. It also helps that Turkey is closely aligned to the US.


I vaguely remember this, in 2010, apparently Israel carried out a raid and a number of Turkish citizens were killed. I thought I read this was related to in fact, Hamas.

This is a blog and not a news story but posted from the Times of Israel who I guess are sort of a news agency:

Israel and Turkey Move Yet Again Toward Normalization


Israel and Turkey would resume normal diplomatic relations and exchange ambassadors. Israel would pay $20 million in reparations to the families of the Turks killed aboard the Mavi Marmara during an Israeli naval raid six years ago come May. Turkey would cease legal proceedings against the Israeli commandos who stormed the ship. Turkey would expel a Hamas operative in Istanbul. Israel and Turkey would launch negotiations on the export of Israeli natural gas to Turkey via a pipeline…


The present US administration is/was a strong supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and is staunchly opposed to the current president of Egypt and his policies. Egypt, on the other hand, sees the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, like Hamas, etc.


Agreed. I think, though, it’s doubtful that Israel will end the “blockade”. First of all, Turkey is an even less reliable “friend” to Israel than is the U.S. Less reliable than Egypt too. Egypt also blockades Gaza because it doesn’t want arms going into Gaza or terrorists coming out into Egypt. Also, Egypt has kept its peace treaty with Israel despite the Muslim Brotherhood’s threat to disavow it before the M.B. was ousted by Al-Sisi.

Turkey doesn’t have a whole lot to bring to the table with Israel.


Strong supporter of the Brotherhood or maybe supporter of something we claim to be all about bring to the world; Democracy? Whatever Mohamed Morsi is or isn’t; he is the only democratically elected president ever in Egyptian history. I don’t necessarily have anything for the guy, but the duplicity that seems to permeate American thought about how to treat other nations is weird. Do things just like us…but we better like how things turn out or we’ll hate/embargo/bomb/invade you.


We have close ties with Jordan.


Our relationship with Egypt is sour at the moment. I wouldn’t attempt to explain our support for the now deposed Muslim Brotherhood. Obviously Egypt wanted nothing to do with them.:shrug:

We could use a Regime change ourselves.

Ahhhh The USA is the most reliable friend Israel has. A lot of our relationships with ME nations depend on how they treat Israel. As far as Turkey having anything to offer Israel? Israel has needs and Turkey has things. What else is there for nations to build a relationship on?

From what I understand of our present leader he does not wish to offend Muslims in the region at all. Seems weak to me and a lot of other people. Lets hope Hillary has more minerals.:rolleyes:

It would be a little easier to understand the ME if it was simply Sunni v Shiite v Jew. But there are opinions on every side that draw even greater questions. I’d say the Arab Spring was just the beginning and hope we can get through these next couple decades without WWIII breaking out. I’m sure we will se a very different ME at the end of that time. Different Europe too I’ll bet.



You are correct, that one had slipped my mind.


Yeah but…Then there are countries like Saudi Arabia and even the Gulf States. Nothing is quite that simple as you point out later in your post. Iran, former cold war politics, oil, and terrorism have created many strange alliances.


Duplicity? It is the obligation of the U.S. government to protect and serve the interests of the American people. Would it have been “duplicity” to have opposed the election of Hitler or to have encouraged the German military to oust him from power? No, it would simply have been acting in the best interests of the American people had it been possible to do it…and it might have been possible.

The American government has not always encouraged others to “do things just like us”. Sometimes that’s in America’s interests, and sometimes it isn’t. And it particularly isn’t so when Morsi’s election showed all the signs of being a “one citizen, one vote, one time” outcome; the election of a radical Islamist whose “political party” engendered Al Quaeda and ISIS.

But never fear. Obama did his best to support Morsi and the odious Muslim Brotherhood and oppose Sisi. Still does, for all I know.


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