Egypt: bomb blast at Cairo Coptic cathedral kills at least 25 people


The Guardian: Egypt: bomb blast at Cairo Coptic cathedral kills at least 25 people

BBC: Bomb attack near Cairo Coptic cathedral kills at least 25


How horrible!

Moran etraham alayn! LORD HAVE MERCY!


IMHO, the US invasion of Iraq was wrong and created a lot of instability in the ME that was not there before the invasion.


Terrible news! Praying for those who died, and for their loved ones. Praying too for peace in our world, especially in the Middle East.

I heard this morning of a church roof which collapsed on a congregation during a bishop’s ordination in Africa too, killing many. Sad news day :frowning:




Praying for the deceased & injured & their families.


praying for these Christians in Egypt during the Advent season.


This is so sad.

Eternal rest grant unto them oh Lord and may perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.


I am moved to tears by this tragic event. When will it ever end? :frowning: this does inspire me to return to being a faithful Catholic…going to mass. I should not take freedom of religion for granted.


Ramped up global terrorism centered on the birthday of Islam’s holiest figure? December 11

In each of the three explosions, ordinary people paid the ultimate price, casualties of ongoing battles where there is no front line, no readily apparent uniform that denotes the combatants as friend or foe, and little anyone can do to ensure security.
By now, the message is clear: No place is truly safe, whether it’s a church, a park, a school or a busy street.


Sure sure. Terrorist attacks in Egypt are totally the fault of the Iraq invasion, and had NOTHING to do with the “Arab Spring” that was pushed by Obama. Nothing at all.


I wouldn’t blame Obama only. The decades of Western support for the Saudis and other Gulf Arab states created a toxic environment. We give them money for oil, they use the money to spread their poisonous ideology. Here’s an important point, Qatar funds the Muslim Brotherhood. As I see it, no one has really been on the side of Christians in the Middle East. To the climate change sceptics around here, the faster the West can decrease oil consumption the better. There maybe some other positive effects.


Here’s an update on the massacre. The Islamic State (IS) has taken credit for the slaughter. See:

Here are the pertinent quotations from the article (but be sure to read the article in its entirety – read it and weep): **"Al Masri (the man IS has claimed to be the suicide bomber) “plunged amidst the gathering of Crusaders and detonated his explosive belt, killing and wounding…80 of them.” Press reports indicate that 24 civilians, including 22 women, were killed and 49 more were wounded in the blast, which took place during Sunday Mass.

Additionally, the Islamic State threatened further attacks in its “war on polytheism,” meaning Christians and Jews, in Egypt and elsewhere.

“Let all the disbelievers and apostates in Egypt and everywhere know that our war on polytheism is ongoing, and that the State of the Caliphate – with permission from Allah the Almighty – will continue to spill their blood and grill their bodies, so that there is no sedition and the religion is all for Allah,” the jihadist group stated, according to SITE"**

This virulent hatred has nothing whatsoever to do with Bush or Obama or the United States and its people. It is Islamic hegemonic triumphalism; religious hatred pure and simple.

Lord have mercy,
Christ have mercy,
Lord have mercy.


The US destabilized the region when it invaded Iraq.


When Sadam invaded Iran and Kuwait and made a small incursion into Saudi Arabia, that was all peaceful? Whatever the arguments for and against removing Sadam, leaving Iraq while it was still an unstable mess was the worst possible decision by the Obama administration.


No, but it did not lead to the creation of ISIS. And of course it was not peaceful when the US and UK overthrew the democratically elected Mossadegh in Iran. The invasion of Iraq, the overthrow of Saddam, and the handing over power in Iraq to the Shiites led to the creation of ISIS.


clearly, Putin is on the side of Christians.



Destabilized? that goes back quite awhile. Ever see what they did to the last king of Iraq?


A Prayer Intentions thread to pray for the repose of the souls of those who died at St. Mark’s Coptic Cathedral in Cairo can be found here.

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