EGYPT - ISLAM - Egyptian Catholics adopt wait and see policy with Mohammed Morsi [AN]

Fr. Rafiq Greiche, spokesman for the Catholic Church, fears the Islamization of society and the sharia. Even if the new president said “nice words” to reassure Christians, lay and women. The clash between the Muslim Brotherhood and the army threatens to block the development of society.


Sorta like the Jews adopting a “wait and see attitude” after Kristallnacht?

I pray for Christians not only in Egypt but also in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other areas where they are trampled on as second-class citizens (if that). They truly are martyrs.

And, I am angry at those naïve show liberal types who say that this is merely a matter of cultural differences. In their eyes the Muslims are always right and the Christians always wrong. I pray that they might see the reality of what happens and we can finally shore up some support for these victims rather than just shaking our heads from the sidelines. Not military intervention but diplomatic pressure.

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