EGYPT - The country’s highest court imposes divorce on Coptic Church [AN]

Court rules that Coptic men can remarry after divorce. In Egypt, marriage and divorce proceedings are regulated by a couple’s religion. Coptic Pope Shenouda resolutely rejects theing.


I hope Pope Shenouda sticks to his guns and continue to refuse to follow the government’s ruling. No government has the right to tell any religion what is right and what is wrong.

That’s an awfully broad statement.:ehh:

This will likely have repercussions for the Coptic Catholic Church as well (in addition to the Catholics of other rites present in Egypt as well).

So, the Coptic Church should operate like the Catholic Church does here: They want to divorce, fine, but don’t let them “remarry” in the Church w/o a declaration of nullity. If they don’t get an annullment, they can have a civil wedding (or just cohabitate, which is the same thing, morally speaking) outside the Church, but be excluded from the Sacraments. I don’t think the government (well, here, anyway, maybe In Egypt they can? :shrug:) can mandate that the Church perform “remarriages”.

In Christ,


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