Egyptian Copts Outta Jail

All Coptic Christians arrested and jailed in Cairo in December have now been set free. The last 11 left prison yesterday after paying AUD$90 bail. Others were freed in mid- and late December.

Asia News reports Patriarch Shenouda III had gone into self-imposed exile in a monastery just before Christmas to protest against the incarceration stating that he would not appear in public until all the prisoners were released.

The affair had started on December 8, 2004, when about three thousand Copts demonstrated in front of Cairo’s St Mark’s Cathedral. Clashes with the police had led to the arrest of 34 of them.

The demonstrators were protesting against the forced conversion to Islam of the wife of a Coptic priest. The woman’s employer was accused of seducing her and then blackmailing her into becoming a Muslim.

Let’s not forget that Islam is a Religion of Peace.:wink:

The Pope have to know the truth, he trusts in them, but he is losing the time, islam isn´t changeable

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