Egyptian court asking the government to revoke the nationality on those marrying Israelites.

Arabic Link:
English Link:
19 May, 2009.
Location: Egypt.

The Arabic link states that those men marrying Israelite women violate:

  1. Law number two of the Egyptian constitution.
  2. All the Islamic dogma from Quran and Sunnah.

[RIGHT]وكان المحامون أقاموا الدعوى ضد كل من وزيري الداخلية والخارجية بصفتيهما، ومطالبتهما بسحب وإسقاط الجنسية المصرية من جميع الشباب الذين تزوجوا من إسرائيليات، لمخالفة ذلك لنص المادة (2) من الدستور المصري وقانون الهجرة والجنسية، وكذلك مخالفة جميع مصادر التشريع الإسلامي من كتاب وسنة.

Why all that discrimination against the Israelites !!!, at the end some of them are still Jews and Islamiclly are called the people of the book, whom Muslims are allowed to marry according to Quran. :shrug:

All aboard the fail train!

I think Egypt is nullifying nationalities because a child born to a Jewish mother is a Jew, so I think they’re trying to stop Muslims having Jewish children. That’s my guess.

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