Egyptian University Converts Terrorised

many Egyptian girls have been converting to Islam. after converting to Islam they were terrorized and chased from town to town by Coptic extremists while the Copts claimed that the girls were abducted here the Girls r pleading for help because the Copts have been terrorizing them
watch this its in Arabic shes saying that she loves Islam and converted out of her own free will and wants help from the govt to protect her from Coptic extremists btw she is a medical student

Confessions by Moslems of their own free-will conversion remind me much of the Stalin treason trials which had scores of men volunteer ‘confessions’ of freedom under Stalinist Russia.

The joke of your post is that in Egypt a small minority are terrorising members of the majority of the state

PS, I get all my news from youtube too!

Those girls were kidnapped, raped, and told they had to convert and marry. The alternative was shame for their families. I am so glad you brought this up. Many Christians are forced to convert to islam. Copts are terribly persecuted by muslims, who deny them basic freedoms and rights.

Yeah just like the tiny state of Israel and those lousy Jooooos :rolleyes: terrorizing the whole helpless rest of the Middle East LOL

I notice famdigy forgot that we can google and find out the real story behind his thread. If he wants to claim that copts are persecuting the poor muslim 90% majority in Egypt I would be delighted to participate in the discussion.

I dont believe that at all!!!
I have been to Egypt many times, it is a wonderful country and very safe ! The film is BS.

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