God first
EHHS reunion 1979 30th year

Here I go looking into open space of that time went so fast that I could not recalled right away but in time I remember all. I can only hope they remember me maybe not the crazy ideals I had but the young man I was then.

O how time as went by us as if we were not even moving but life is the like that just moment of time when you knew it all but time as in it you see you did know anything. I had a good time and yes do not talk as must you may remember but give me time I remembering all that was long ago.

The year have made us older and wiser and I had to do all over I would not change a thing because I learn by making the mistakes I did in life. The mistakes make wiser than before and kind person would if have not taught so must.

I write because I enjoy setting my words to paper not ink and pen but the tool of this time a computer. I think a time when I could not spell many words but that as not changed as must I just have better tool that helps me along the way.

As I listen to people having a good time remembering the days that went so fast but were long to have good memories. Some parts I do want to remember and others bring great joy but that with everything.

While I am remember the good with the bad because it is sewed together as one memory that I treasure today. Time is only a moment where we live as if their no tomorrow seeing time is only a smart part of life.

It been only thirty years from the journey we took together in life as we became part of each others as if our lives were join in time and space. Because one life touches another person life and many ways we might not see.

Now I believe in God but you may not or you may but it matters nothing in our journey we take together. We have become the trip that we travel together and it as time as not past these thirty years.

But what time but a moment compared to our time everything together and what is thirty years compared to life we live together. So I am proud to travel this journey with all of you as by brothers and sisters on this road together with love Roy.

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