Eight arguments about whether the UK is a Christian country


David Cameron’s remarks that the UK is a “Christian country” were criticised by a group of public figures. What are the arguments for and against the prime minister’s claim?

Writing for the Church Times, the prime minister said British people should “be more confident about our status as a Christian country”.

In response, 50 prominent individuals including authors, broadcasters, comedians and scientists added their names to a letter to the Daily Telegraph which argued the UK was a largely “non-religious society”. Two senior Conservative ministers have backed the prime minister, arguing that those who deny the UK is a Christian country are “deluding themselves”.




In that list on the BBC they are using the “rise of Islam” to help describe the UK as a “non-religious society?”


I’ve lived in the UK before, and the Muslims there are WAY more conservative and religious than most Christians!

Man, you just cannot make this stuff up! :o :smiley:


I don’t see what anyone really gains by calling this or that country “Christian,” other than a bunch of angry non-Christians. It seems like a last-ditch effort to assert some sort of majority/authority as the numbers decrease. But it’s not going to win any converts.


Actually, it has more to do with acknowledging the basis on which the structure of the society is founded.

For instance, despite the increasing secularization of the U.S., the structure of the government and of our system of laws is heavily derived from Christianity. As such, we will always be a Christian nation to some extend, even if not in practice. Similarly, to say that the U.K. is not a Christian country is to deny the centuries of Christian history and heritage that have shaped it.


The preferred term would be “Christianity-influenced country,” then?

Goes for over here as for over there.

I can live with that. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Perhaps I misread the article, but I think the argument was that the UK was better described as religious pluralism, rather than being called a Christian country.


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