Eight months pregnant mother forced to up her IVF baby


Mother-of-three Carolyn Savage was trying to have a fourth child through IVF, and was overjoyed to find she was pregnant again.

But just two months into the pregnancy, doctors told her husband Sean that the child his wife was carrying was not their own…

The couple, from Sylvania, Ohio, decided early on that they would not terminate the pregnancy but hand back the baby, which is not genetically theirs…

Because of her medical condition this will be the last baby that she can carry, but they have looked into a carrier for their own remaining five embryos.

I saw a TV show on PBS World which said the United States in the **only country **in the world to allow surrogate motherhood.

Although the show was not opposed to surrogate mothers, it showed how many of these families were duped out of their money. They give $50,000 for a baby and one agency closed down with over 2 million dollars missing.

It showed one surrogate - young mother who was about 4-5 months pregnant but who had lost her health care through the surrogate agency and though employed, her own insurance company would not cover her because she was a surrogate so she was going to abort the baby.


I saw this couple on TV this morning, I think it was the Today Show. What an awful situation. I feel for the families that suffer from infertility, but imho this story just highlights some of the many problems with ivf. Can you imagine if the couple decided they didn’t want to carry an embryo that wasn’t their child? The legal implications can be mind boggling with some of these situations. I give the family enormous credit in our culture for wanting to carry the baby even though the baby isn’t theirs, & for wanting to implant all their remaining children. Not very common in our society, I’m afraid.

The report you saw also sounds very interesting & disturbing.

Actually, there was a recent case, where the mother ended the pregnancy because the lab messed up and the baby was not hers. The biological mother pleaded with her to have it (It was her last chance for a baby) but she aborted it anyway. Our loss of humanity is becoming truly frightening. :frowning:

This is why IVF shouldn’t be allowed.

Wow, what a complete perversion of motherhood. Rather than being selfless, being so selfish as to abort another woman’s child, knowing full well the pain of infertility she was going through, just because it wouldn’t benefit her.

In a utilitarian society, babies are no longer persons but products. Products are subject to recall or disposal, as the consumer chooses.

That makes me want to cry, on so many levels.

The thought of it puts my stomach in knots. I. cannot. imagine. :frowning:

Even sadder is that she would have easliy been able to get Medicaid.

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Even sadder is that she would have easliy been able to get Medicaid.

Sadly she should have gotten a new doctor, say only that she was pregnant and she didn’t know who the father was.

She had her own medical insurance.(I failed to mention that she was a single mother of two children and received $20,000 to carry the child of a couple - which the egg was donated and the sperm was from the husband.)

Here is a link to the PBS site - Surrogacy: Womb For Rent?" and there are many other links and comments on the site.


Commercial surrogacy—when women are paid to carry and deliver babies for people who cannot conceive them biologically—is banned in almost every developed country in the world except the U.S., making it a land of opportunity for parents around the world.

So sad & tragic. I agree with JimG, though. This is just one of the many fruits of ivf & our contraceptive mentality. Embryos have been reduced to products that are manipulated in back rooms by technicians. Why should a woman waste precious reproductive months, time, health, money & resources for a clump of cells that aren’t her “biological material”? Clearly not everyone that uses ivf buys into all of this mentality, but it is an industry that objectifies human life & turns babies into products.:confused:

When we discuss this story with family & friends, it is an opportunity to remind people the reasons why the Catholic Church teaches that ivf is immoral.

People sneer at the teaching of the Catholic Church on life issues. The more people go against these teachings the more rotten fruits emerge, proving that the Church is a wise mother.

Infertility is a difficult cross to bear, but the end never justifies the means.

I have read of many causes where St Gerard Majella’s intercession has helped infertile couples have babies and for that matter St Philomena’s and St Anne’s intercession also.

Help the Holy Souls in Purgatory and learn of their powerful intercession for their benefactors.

What is even more sick is that these people are Catholic.
savageandassociates.com/directory/detail.asp?id={C05D201E-953F-45B1-AEC3-059EA4B6F922} :eek:

Catholics are influenced by the culture of death too, though. Many of us don’t even know the Catholic Church’s teachings on ivf. I know I didn’t 5 years ago or so. We should be careful to not be too harsh. I disagree that ivf is the answer, but I give this couple enormous credit for carrying someone else’s baby to term & for wanting to make sure all their remaining embryos are implanted, not left in a suspended, frozen state.

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Catholics are influenced by the culture of death too, though. Many of us don’t even know the Catholic Church’s teachings on ivf. I know I didn’t 5 years ago or so.

Handel on the law which is radio show is operated by Bill Handel who supports surrogate motherhood.

On his site he talks about IVF parents -Dennis Quaid, Robert De Niro, Joan Lunden, and we know about Sara Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s twins and Michael Jackson’s 3rdchild.

So Hollywood is a certainly a factor in promoting this.

Saw this on Jill Stanek’s site.

Oldest IVF mother(66) of twins died 2 years after their birth.


Right . . . we don’t know how culpable people are. It’s not as if most pastors are openly preaching against it. :frowning:

Wow. That is incredibly sad, sick, and just plain cruel! :(:mad:

Warning - RANT

It is mainly the young who don’t know what the church teaches.

As a practicing catholic, I knew it was wrong but many catholics don’t want to follow the doctrines of the church or even know them. It makes them feel good that someone has a baby who can’t conceive naturally. It fits in with the liberal thought process which they see as “love”

Don’t mean to be harsh but it irks me when John Edwards, a presidential candidate who had two children by a surrogate yet no one talked about it but they just showed his “lovely” family.

This to me is the “rich or financially able” preying on the lower classes and I think the show on PBS showed that yet many of the surrogate mothers responded in the comment section because they received payment and they felt they were doing a great service. To me they were being used.

Often the woman went after their careers and gave up motherhood but now want it back through surrogates and their partners, the men could care less who the mother of their child is.

This is truly horrifying- and Why I’m, against IVF.

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