Eight police officers shot at shopping centre in Louisiana




This is becoming mind numbing.


Praying for the repose of the souls of those who died. Praying for the health & recovery of the injured. Praying for the families of both.


WAFB Baton Rouge LA said 4 shot 2 dead the situation appears contained in the immediate area.

A witness told WBRZ-TV that a man was dressed in black with his face covered shooting indiscriminately when he walked out between a convenience store and car wash across from Hammond Air Plaza. Police closed the streets between the police department’s headquarters and Interstate 12.

WAFB-TV reported officers were shot along Airline Highway near Old Hammond Highway, but didn’t specify the number of police.[correction above-4]

Michael Vinsanau of WBRZ tweeted that more than a dozen marked and unmarked police cars have sped to the scene, and that a State Police SWAT team is on location. State police armed with rifles are posted blocks away, Vinsanau tweeted.


This is horrifying. Prayers for the dead and injured. :frowning:


The latest I heard is that 4 police officers were ambushed and killed and 3 were wounded. Those numbers may very well change. Praying for the repose of their souls, for the wounded, and the families of all involved. Also praying for our country and for peace.


Boy oh boy. Right on the eve of the conventions too. Cleveland should be interesting, 1968 style. I am tired of saying “may they rest in peace” though I do sincerely wish that. I always thought the “end times” Nostradamus types were a little crazy, but the way the world has turned the last year or so…maybe we are getting there. I have never seen such social unrest all over the world in my lifetime. What can you say?


Yes, there are shades of 1968 in this election. Of course at that time we also had a lot of social unrest, with the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. And we had a law-and-order candidate as well in the person of Richard Nixon.


Unfortunately, this latest unrest is missing Martin Luther King. I keep waiting to see if some great leader will rise from the midst of this chaos to help bring about change. What is happening now will increase division, and confirm police who already believe a black man is more of a threat in their error.


Awful! Martin Luther King, their “founder” (or so they would claim), would be disgusted! He was a man of faith and a man of peace. Yes, there were some events (e.g., 1965’s “Bloody Sunday” in Alabama) that were violent, but at least King tried to prevent them.

Race is not an excuse to murder people, especially those sworn to protect us.


3 Police confirmed dead, 3-wounded, 1 terrorist dead 2 at large. Civil disobedience is contrary to community policing, this isn’t helping, peaceful protest must be supported.


It will also get Donald Trump elected, which is fine by me - I support him. It just seems like no matter how hopeless he is, fate/events just keep sweeping him along. Kind of like the way Athene helps Odysseus. Amazing.


I have read in I believe Orthodox theology, that God loosens the rein of Satan during endtimes to encourage people to turn back to God.

My own personal belief is that Earth won’t be destroyed until the vast majority of good people are gone. Kind of like in S&G. S&G is a preview of what will come in the end.


God punished Israel in the OT because they turned away from Him.

Today we see where America has turned her back on God starting with the acceptance of artificial birth control, kicking God out of the classroom, gay marriages, LGBT “rights”, porn easily accessible, couples living together as though they we married is now the norm, premarital sex is the norm, young people loosing their faith because of liberal professors (read somewhere-trying to locate the cite that 80% of Catholic teens will stop practicing their Faith while in college), anti-Catholicism is the in thing especially in Hollywood, and the list goes on and on and on. I fear for my children and grandchildren as I feel things will get even worse even if Trump is elected. If Clinton wins I feel things will get exponentially worse.

God, Please have mercy on us. Have mercy on America, and please, please, send your angels to surround all of our police officers. (I have two nephews and one cousin in law enforcement)


I also read 4 officers are dead. May they rest in peace. One suspect dead. Possibly two at large. Praying for the recovery of the other injured officers.


I don’t remember if Nixon was perceived as such prior to his election…
Nixon’s main slogan was his plan to end the war. The Republican convention was somewhat Peacefull by comparison
The overriding issue was the war and Democrats were in power ,it was LBJ’s ,war and their convention was the primary target of the organized protestors and it was chaotic. Primarily in the park but some distubence actually made to the floor of the convention.itself.
1968 was a year of insanity ,the country has never been the same.
This time around the protests will focus around the Republican candidate, from my casual not partisan view the violence has been perpetrated by the left and they certainly want to create an image that violence surrounds Mr Trump. Interesting strategy if you can pull it off .
The suggestion of police racism ,and it’s spawn
anti-police domestic terrorism is completly unrelated to the current politics.
But it’s an issue that can and has been exploited in the past and will be exploited in the future. I’ve seen issues like this take center state in elections.


St.Michael the Archangel, guide and protect our Police Officers. Praying for the repose of the souls of the officers who were killed and for recovery of those who were shot. May our Lord console their families and friends.




Not surprised in the least. The rhetoric of violence aimed at the police has been reaching a fever pitch.


Praying for the deceased police officers, that they may rest in peace, and for the injured that they may be healed, and for the families and loved ones.

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