Einstein's Catholic Education

Did you ever know that Einstein’s Catholic elementary school education was responsible for his lifelong wonder of the universe and its orderliness? From Einstein: His Life and Universe (pgs. 15 & 20):

…] when Albert turned 6 and had to go to school, his parents did not care that there was no Jewish one near their home. Instead he went to the large Catholic school in their neighborhood, the Petersschule. As the only Jew among the seventy students in his class, Einstein took the standard course in Catholic religion and ended up enjoying it immensely. Indeed, he did so well in his Catholic studies that he helped his classmates with theirs. …] Einstein avoided religious rituals for the rest of his life. …] He did, however, retain from his childhood religious phase a profound reverence for the harmony and beauty of what he called the mind of God as it was expressed in the creation of the universe and its laws.

This is a profound bit of history that I feel might bear much fruit.

I have been pursuing this thread for nearly five years.

You might like to look-over a key blog entry for an understanding of Einstein’s youth:


and follow this up with one on that details a visit with a Catholic Priest:.


The scientific community made 2005 The International Year of Physics and Einstein’s special year. The articles, books, TV programs, etc. that flowed from this are far too many to mention. I feel the world missed the boat by not seeing the crossover, “the rainbow bridge” in Jesus Christ that was offered up during the Year of the Eucharist /Year of E=mc2

Wow, thank you for the passages!

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