El Salvadorian Father Murdered in Tijuana While Awaiting Asylum

I personally have shifted a bit on this issue. I think we should try to help the refugees, asylum seekers more. I don’t think these people should be up near the border. We could possibly set up a more accessible office for them to file their asylum requests. It’s inhumane for them to have to try to traverse the border. Just my $.02. I think in some cases, we may have offices in some of these countries where they can be processed.

Another incident also happened where 4 or 5 Venezuelans were on their way to the border to seek asylum requests and they were involved in a traffic accident and all died.

But right now, and similar in Europe, the refugees, asylum seekers are having too tough of a time and sometimes, they are taken advantage of. In this, I think we need to be Christian. Yes, they need to be vetted, some do cause problems in the countries they go to.

In fact, I tend to think, that “gang of 8” bill which some people railed against about six years ago. I think we probably should have passed it and it’s not that bad. As it is, nothing or very little is done about immigration. Now Mexico is helping us with immigration and it has been cut back some but hardships certainly remain.

The border is about the worse area, horror stories are a dime a dozen!

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