Elderly Iraqi Christians Stand Up to ISIS Militants

A group of sick, disabled and elderly Iraqi Christians, left behind in an abandoned village, defied ISIS fighters after they were told to convert of Islam or be beheaded, saying they preferred death to giving up their faith…
see catholicphilly.com/2014/08/news/world-news/elderly-iraqi-christians-stand-up-to-extremists/

Good for them! May the world be shown this picture of sheer courage and faith. Our elderly brothers and sisters mentioned in this story, though martyrdom was not required of them, were willing to pay the ultimate price for Jesus and His Church. What a shining example of trust in Jesus.

Takes the elderly to say what we should be saying

Now that is an example of courage and fortitude! I am glad they stood up to these terrorists!

Sad goings on.

As a side note, I don’t think the woman in the photo is a Christian, but an Iraqi, possibly a Palestinian, who fled Iraq many years ago.

Photo from Christian refugee story:

Photo from November 2007 (Angelina Jolie visits Al Waleed refugee camp.)

Same woman wearing the same clothing, with US troops nearby. I hope she has found a better place to be cared for since 2007.

They serve all of us living in Christian-majority countries as reminders of what it means to acknowledge the name of Christ before others. The Church is built upon the early martyrs who did just the same. What they are going through brings me to tears. Really makes you reflect on to what extent you are willing to be persecuted for righteousness’ sake. They all are ceaselessly in my prayers.

Wow, that’s a really great find!:thumbsup: Please don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I disbelieve all of the ISIS atrocity stories or anything, but I do find myself half-expecting the media to start accusing them of throwing babies out of incubators, a’la the entirely phony PR blitz against Saddam in 1990. It seems like we’re in that space where public opinion is really being channeled into a frenzied bloodlust. These media stories may reflect a certain amount of reality, but they’re going all out to rally support for the upcoming campaign in Syria.:frowning:

I think Catholic Philly must have used what is termed as a file photo. The same soldier as well seems to be in both photos. I’m not even sure if a US Soldier would be seen at current refugee camps.

It’s highly, highly dishonest, manipulative and deliberate plagiarism. You can’t print a photo caption like, “An elderly Iraqi woman fleeing violence gestures at the Al Waleed refugee camp in Iraq Aug. 19.” beneath a photo of a Palestinian woman taken 7 years ago and published elsewhere, and then claim it was an honest mistake. It’s the eternal story of “journalists” flushing their journalistic ethics down the toilet in order to make a case for war. As far as I’m concerned, these media shills have blood on their hands.

I don’t believe that at all unless we see the original story, this was something run on the Catholic Philly website. I even looked for the original story from Catholic News Service and could not find it. Hence, if a periodical or website runs a story on the Philadelphia Eagles and places a picture from a Philadelphia Eagles game 7 years ago, I’m not going to be jumping to conclusions.

I mean how many people are going to read this online story from Catholic Philly.com? 8000? I will definitely reserve judgement and since I could not find the original story, I definitely don’t see anything sinister let alone accusing people of having blood on their hands.

You don’t even know if a Journalist did this, could be just someone trying to make a webpage story.

Simon Caldwell wrote this article, perhaps he should be asked to explain, I see a few different places ran the article, all Catholic periodicals. Perhaps ethics could be questioned.




I would guess that no U.S. Military has ever been stationed at the refugee camp, but were there at the time photos were taken as military escorts for Angelina Jolie and her entourage.

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