Elderly woman who ruined fresco seeks church's tourist proceeds

Zaragoza, Spain, Sep 21, 2012 / 12:14 am (CNA).- An 81-year-old woman whose failed restoration of a Spanish Catholic church’s 19th-century fresco became the laughingstock of the world now wants the church to pay her a portion of the funds it is collecting from tourists who want to see the ruined work of art.



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In the first four days that the church has charged admission, it has collected $2600.

The elderly woman is caring for a disabled son who is now in his sixties. I have to wonder if financial difficulties aren’t part of her motivation. However, the article also mentions she has claimed embarrassment and distress over the international attention her “restoration” has brought.

The church`s owner needs the proceeds for its salvage fund. :shrug:

i read this article the other day and was taken aback. i do understand this poor woman and her financial situation having to take care of an disabled son, and it was her “artwork” that is now causing people to flock to the church. i don’t know how much it will cost to restore this piece of art that she took it upon herself to fix and i am sure the church could use the money also. so i can see both sides of the story. has anyone heard if the church is going to offer her some of the proceeds?

I believe people found this whole story so funny that there’s actually loads of related merchandise selling with her “restored” image on it. It does take the notion of a parish busybody to a whole new level though doesn’t it.

Perhaps she or the church should copywrite it.

I read that she is planning to use the proceeds for some kind of foundation for the disabled. Some experts apparently believe that there is a way to separate both the original and the new work, so that the church can continue making money from the artistic fiasco. I don’t know if the lady will be so lucky in any money making endeavor ---- she did ruin the work on Church property.

Not this story again! :stuck_out_tongue:

i think a t-shirt with the image would be pretty funny.


I remember the first time I saw this. I cringed, then I laughed, then I felt kind of sorry for her, now I just cringe again.

I think she should get some of the money. If it wasn’t for her mistake, the people wouldn’t have flocked to the church in the first place.

good point!!

True, but the original painting is not her own. If some vandal broke in and painted a moustache on the Mona Lisa, I don’t think anyone would be inclined to cut him in on the extra profits from the influx of patrons to the Louvre.

But because she seems like a well-meaning, sweet old lady, we think differently. :slight_smile:

i guess that is our Catholic charitable nature!! :slight_smile: you also make a good point!

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