Election 2012 - Who to vote for?

I am open to hearing about which of the two leading Presidential candidates are more in line with Catholic teaching (yes, I know one is a Mormon).

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I vote pro-life because I think that a society that has the massacre of infants at its core something that disturbs me more deeply than any other issue on the checklist.

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I too vote for the candidate who is more pro-life. In the case of Obama and Romney, that would be Romney. Obama condones partial birth abortion, as well as killing a baby that is born alive during abortion (baby born alive act). In addition, he refuses to listen to Catholic organizations who want a conscience clause in the health care act and is insisting that they must provide their employees insurance with access to contraception, abortive drugs, and sterilization. I am afraid that this is only the beginning of the end of freedom of religion in America if he is allowed to get away with this. I do not agree with everything Romney stands for, but at least he is pro-life and anti-gay marriage.

Life (from natural birth to natural death).

Marriage (one man/one woman).

Family (protect tradtional).

Religious Freedom.

The only person who wants to protect all of those is Romney.

Further, the poor cannot be helped without a robust economy and I believe Romney will make the economy stronger, which means increased opportunities will exist to help the poor.

Agreed. Looks like i’m voting for Romney.

Mitt Romney…hands down.

There is no such thing as a perfect candidate–we must always make a choice between imperfect people. :slight_smile:

Many conservatives are unhappy with Romney, yet I am just not sure what they are looking for–it seems they are looking for perfection. Personally, I would have enjoyed seeing Santorum in this thing, but Romney took the GOP nomination and he is still “correct” on many really critical issues.

Lets see, one has an identifiable faith and seems to living it sincerely. The other is a convenient Christian who’s main faith seems to be the Progressive ideology. The Mormon Church is theologically at odds with Catholicism, but their moral structure is very similar and they live it devoutly. The other seems more enthralled with power than anything else.

More importantly how will your Electoral College vote?

If your in an “Obama State” like Ohio and Pennsylvania your vote is already decided for you.

Ohio and Pennsylvania are in play. California and New York…not so much.

With so many people on the public dole, why wouldn’t they vote for more free Obama Money?

General survey, will leave thread open.

I doubt that Ohio is in danger, during the recent blackouts, the local public transport unions decided to go on strike over a 7% wage raise…People were ticked off! They were sweltering in the heat with no means to cook or preserve food and stay cool, and had no transportation because the unions wanted a pay raise that many can only dream about in this economy.

I think Ohio is safe in Romney’s pocket.

I surely wanted Santorum on the ballot,oh well. I’m not pleased with the choice of candidates, but looks like Romney will get my vote. Just to be sure,is Romney pro life? What similarities are there between Catholic and Mormon teachings that we should
know before placing our vote?

Electoral colleges vote generally toward where their areas vote. You don’t often have a population vote one way and the E.C. vote the other. Also, there are more than two men running for office. Perhaps if less people said “My vote is already decided by the college” and actually researched the runners, we’d be in less of a mess. Moral compromise should not be the theme of your vote. Vote who represents YOU, not the lesser of two evils.

This all depends on what comes about before Election time. We still have several months and we haven’t heard much from the other parties besides the Democrats and Republicans.

Lets hope so… we need to bust some of these unions.

Parents always taught me… the lesser of the two evils if you are unsure. But he is far more pro-llife/profamily than obama imo.

I’ll vote 3rd party, Constitution or Libertarian, depending who’s on the ballot.

                                Between Obama and Romney, I'd rather see Obama re-elected, because Romney will be like a Trojan Horse. Obama is galvanizing opposition to the government and it needs to be brought to a fever pitch. If Romney get's in we'll see very little change, and only the leftists will be stepping. It's time for the whole rotten system to go.

We need to pray for Cardinal Dolan of New York. It would seem very likely that the next mayor of NYC will be a lesbian woman who claims that the Catholic Church is “hers” and she will do whatever she wants and no one is going to get in her way. Cardinal Dolan will need lots of moxie to stand up against this monstrosity if she gets elected mayor.

Without a doubt

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