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Irondale, Ala., Nov 4, 2016 / 11:51 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Among the first acts of the next president of the United States will be the appointment of a new justice for the U.S. Supreme Court, comprised currently of eight members since the February death of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia.

In the short term, the new president will appoint Scalia’s successor — someone who will be a deciding factor in whether Catholic entities like EWTN and the Little Sisters of the Poor should be forced by the federal government to violate their religious beliefs by providing contraception and abortifacient drugs in their health insurance plans. The new justice will also help decide whether or not a Virginia girl, who now identifies as a boy, should be allowed access to the restroom that corresponds with her self-chosen sexual identity.

We have already witnessed the Supreme Court redefine marriage. With another liberal activist on board, we will witness the court redefine discrimination to include sexual identity. No doubt, we will also see the court continue down the path of further chipping away at our constitutional rights to religious liberty, freedom of expression and so much more.

In the long term, there perhaps will be no other more important decision made by our next president than who will be nominated to the Supreme Court. A new president with a pro-life commitment will be able to shape the future of a court that will help the United States avoid the disaster of this culture of narcissism and death and move toward one that more resembles what the Founding Fathers established. On the other hand, a new president with the opposite agenda will continue to perilously lead the United States along a path that cheapens life and demeans and threatens people of faith.

In the last of the presidential debates, both candidates made it abundantly clear where they stand on the issue of respect for life.

As we step into the voting booth on Tuesday, we are faced with a supremely important decision. Let us be clear in making that decision — there is no issue more important than respect for the dignity of human life.

May God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.


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Why the veiled innuendo? Not that i would follow the advice of any news service, why doesn’t CNA just come out and say, Tromp is good, Clinton is bad, vote for Trump…implicit or explicit it’s shameless none the less.:shrug:


Why trump?

People here are mad bc of what Hillary said in the emails about the Catholic Church, but back when pope Francis went to Mexico, there was Bickering between trump and the Vatican.

Why defend a guy who went after the pope?

Aren’t we catholic first?

Or do we defend anybody whose a republican?


Yep, no one could read this article without coming away with the author’s obvious implied conclusion: its your duty as a Catholic to vote for Trump.
At least one US bishop has come out and said that no Catholic is obliged to vote for either candidate. I’m not an American, but as I have expressed multiple times now on this board, I could not vote for either in good conscience. I would focus on worthy individual pro-life senators who are not otherwise morally repulsive (as Trump is) - does that not address the Supreme Court nomination argument? The president can’t act without the senate.


Exactly. This article is really biased and basically telling people how to vote.


Because the Bishop of CAF’s own diocese (San Diego) just warned against doing that?



They’re a 501©(3) nonprofit (or still should be at least, they merged with EWTN or something). They can’t endorse candidates.


But I feel you decode what was written are signs point towards voting for trump.


Trump or not. I want the Senate to be mostly Republican because they are most likely to stand with at least one of the party’s ideologies that a marriage is between a man and a woman. I think Catholics should be Republicans because the ideologies of that party (notice I said party, not candidate ) aligns more to Catholic beliefs.


Nonprofits can take stances on issues but not on individual candidates or parties. We can tell what’s implicit in CNA’s message, but nevertheless they can’t explicitly say it. Some people think it’s silly but them’s the rules.


Are you serious??


Oh my…where do we begin?:eek::shrug:


LOL. No, I’m just kidding…or am I not? :smiley:


On the very important issues of abortion, religious liberty and gay marriage, yes. On everything else? I’m not so sure. Yes, Catholics need to vote pro-life… but American Catholics were historically Democrat for a reason.


The president, as we have sorrowfully learned, can act without, or even against the Senate. The question is whether the executive’s fiat actions can pass muster with the Supreme Court. A Clinton Court would, of course, approve anything she does.

Congress might as well go home if Clinton is elected.


Tim Kaine explicitly said that Catholicism will be outlawed if the Church does not change its teaching on gay “marriage”. Hillary Clinton said that “religious beliefs must be changed”.

To not vote for Trump is to abandon Mother Church to the wolves. Sorry, folks, there’s no two ways about it. You don’t have to like Trump, but he is not going to have you shot, arrested, or fined to oblivion for standing for your faith, unlike the Empress Elect.

As for me, I can sleep at night knowing I will never have to explain to God why I chose Caesar, mammon, and social approval, because the other guy was “mean”.


Catholics were historically Democrat because the Dem party supported things in which Catholics believed. Now that the Dem party is actively anti-Catholic, that should no longer be the case. But with many, it still is. In that regard, the Dem party is like the scion of a wealthy family…living off its patrimony.


The Kennedys are the reason the Church in America sold out to the world. We were more concerned with being like our WASP neighbors than standing for our faith. Every crisis in the American Church can be traced from that: acceptance of abortion, the decline of Catholics and Catholics who go to Mass regularly, the priest sex abuse debacle… all because we wanted to be like the rest.


Times and parties change.


Well said. I love it. (I don’t have to hang my head in the company of the Southern Baptists anymore ;).) Let us try and remember, being a Christian is not always about being popular, cool and open-minded. (this tripped me up a little with Obama and for that I am very sorry) Sometimes living faith can be downright unpleasant. Principles are thorny things.

I pray this country makes the right choice. I also think we should pray for the brokenness that has so overrun secular liberal thinking and policies. The left asks if Trump will accept the results; I wonder the same about the left. Are they intellectually, emotionally, morally even capable of accepting and respecting those with whom they disagree. Can they effectively function in a democracy anymore. Will they steal the election? When you are at this point, there is a problem. And, of course, on top of that, we have likewise reached the point where Donald Trump is the better option. I would be very hesitant to get too excited or comfortable with that. All the same, even the starkest (responsible, fair) assessment of Trump to my mind is better than more of the left on offer today. I think a Trump victory could actually be a very healthy, freeing thing for this country. And a Trump loss, well…
God bless us all.

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