Election 2016: Ahead Of Texas Primary, Many Texans Aren't Too Fond Of The Candidates, Poll Says


Among likely primary voters, 42 percent said Trump would be a terrible president, while 13 percent said he would be a poor president. Democratic candidate Clinton got similar marks, with 49 percent saying she would be a terrible president and 7 percent said she would fair poorly. Some 12 percent said Clinton would be great, while 12 percent said the same for Trump.


UT/TT Poll: Cruz Leads Trump in Texas; Rubio Lags Behind

With a week remaining before the Texas Republican primary, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has an 8-percentage-point lead over Donald Trump, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.

Cruz had 37 percent of the vote in the poll. Trump, the businessman and TV personality who finished first in two of the three states that have already voted, had the support of 29 percent, followed by U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio at 15 percent.

Correction: After the poll results were published, the pollsters discovered a miscalculation in their margin of error for likely Republican voters. The correct MOE is +/- 4.86 percentage points.



Tell them to join the club.


I’ve always wished there was a “none of the above” lever on voting machines.


What is the matter with this country that we get what we are getting?


I guess we shall see who they prefer in Texas quite soon. Fact is I’m quite positive they would take any of R-candidates over Hillary and Bernie. :thumbsup: What do you think? :smiley:


I’ve been wishing that, too, for several cycles.


Or could it be we find it really easy to criticize other people when we are not in the middle of the action like the candidates are? If the situation is so dire, why don’t some of you run? I say this in all seriousness. It takes a lot to run for president and all your flaws are magnified for all to see and mock. In the republican field we’ve actually had many good candidates spanning governors, business people, a surgeon, regular politicians. Even if you look at virtues, we’ve had huckabee and Santorum who were good solid Christians and some others. This is actually a very competitive group.


We have an ignorant electorate, many of whom have no political interest other than getting free stuff at the expense of their neighbors. And so, things like Carson’s personal virtue, Cruz’ constitutional dedication, Rubio’s coming up from nothing, Kasich’s expertise, Christie’s forthrightness, Fiorina’s worldwide contacts , don’t mean anything like they should.

But someone with elements of “star power” who have “stage presence” and/or promise much regardless of their ability to deliver; people like Trump, Obama, Clinton, Sanders, find lots of followers.


Many people are angry–so they choose someone like Trump to feed their anger.

The problem is they don’t see the root cause. They cannot see that it is, WE THE PEOPLE, who have brought this nation to where it is. We the people have turned the USA into a cesspool of sin that might make the people of Sodom and Gomorrah blush. We the people tossed good men like Romney aside–which gave the election to the Democrats.

It is hard, very, very hard for people to see the problems that are around us all, and then it is more difficult for us to look in the mirror and ask, what have I done to contribute to the cesspool?

Trump is a symptom, not the cause and certainly not the cure.

Until we as a nation turn back to God, I believe we can expect more of the same. Perhaps there will be slight rays of hope here and there, yet in general I believe we are living Romans 1.


I blame Iowa, and New Hampshire. After this year, I think it time someone else go first and see if they can do better. :smiley:


This will be the death knell of the American democratic system. People can vote who do not even know who the current VP is, or who their incumbent Representative is. In this day and age of easy information, people are lazier. It took me maybe all of one hour to research the list lists of state judges in order to make an informed decision. Sometimes I wonder why I try.


That sounds a lot like the reasoning that Debbie Wasserman Shultz gave recently for why the Dems have superdelegates.

Unpledged delegates exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grass-roots activists.


That may well be the deepest statement that we will ever read describing this year’s political process.


I’m feeling:


And why they don’t need debates to make their selection.


Tuesday will be an interesting day. All this talk of Trump being ahead, he has only 82 delegates. Tuesday, 595 will be awarded. I would hazard to guess that come next week he will no longer have the majority of the delegates, though he may be in the lead still. Nonetheless, if he cannot get half, then he is not assured the nomination, lead or not.


All true, however its also difficult to see which state Rubio will win by then. Course things could change very quickly, we shall see. In my mind the bottom line is any-one of them is a better option than Hillary who personally I think belongs in a orange jump suit. :wink:


Senator Lindsey Graham has this to say about the GOP


That title misrepresents what he said, it wasn’t just about Trump and it was a roast.
He had a few zingers that I enjoyed.


I saw lines going out the door and weaving around at the polling place this afternoon. Last day for early voting. But I’ve been by this same polling place at least half a dozen times since early voting started and it’s never had more than a few people at a time. Admittedly it could be busier at other times of day.

I just thought it was interesting.

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