Election and Vigano

A loved one who is a Catholic Biden supporter has in-laws who are very upset about this and have sent messages to her husband, including links to Archbishop Vigano communications and other, what I consider, schismatic posts/websites. I sent her some CNA and NCRegister articles to share with him. Any other thoughts? At this point he’s angry at her and not very open.

Stay out of it. I dont say that to be mean or snarky, but for your own well being.


I’m trying to stay out. I’m not really looking for advice about how to handle it - rather experiences that others might have had along these lines.

in the end the only person this lady really has to be concerned with is her husband, since couples need to work out how they’re going to handle political differences (many have them and simply don’t care, it’s not a big deal). In-laws don’t get to determine one’s political preferences. I’m sorry they are being pushy in this case, but it’s really up to the lady’s husband to tell his own family to lay off his wife.

My in-laws were the opposite political party from me and I doubt we agreed on our votes ever but they had the good etiquette not to bug me about it and I did my part by not bringing up the subject around them and just doing a lot of nodding and smiling when they mentioned it.


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