Election, economy spark explosive growth of militias


The election of President Barack Obama in 2008 triggered an explosion in the number of militias and so-called patriot groups in the United States, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported in its annual tally of such anti-government organizations.

The center also reports a steady rise in the number of hate groups in America — from 604 in 2000, to more than 1,000 last year. Those include anti-gay groups, anti-Muslim groups, black separatists and “Christian Identity” groups, which hold racist and anti-Semitic views that overlap with neo-Nazi beliefs.

I don’t know how much of this can be blamed on the election of Obama. We are in the middle of a depression that was just beginning in 2008 and these sorts of groups spring up in a depression.

Yea, he didn’t bring us all together like he promised, and people are blaming him for fanning the fires (a lot of other people are fanning fires as well.) But I think saying it was the election of Obama that did it, is jumping to a conclusion without considering all the facts.

Nah, there have always been a ton of these groups. I can’t blame Obama on this one - I’m pretty sure these groups have been going strong since the Bush eras.

I think Axlerod and Plouffe wanted this story to come out next week :shrug:.

I haven’t heard militia fear mongering since the Oklahoma City bombing. I remember that the Michigan Militia was nearly public enemy #1.

Which was stupid because McVeigh was not a member of any “militia” group, that part of the story was pure fiction repeated so many times by the MSM it is considered fact by many.

I haven’t heard militia fear mongering since the Oklahoma City bombing.http://www.filii.info/g.gif

An anti-gay group will likely begin to mean Christianity. I consider the government’s support of murdering the unborn a hate crime too. But I guess that’s okay because it isn’t a militia (ironically, militia’s are mentioned as perfectly acceptable in the 2nd amendment).

I think what changed was the definition of hate group.

Napolitano added every southern baptist Church below the mason dixon to it.

You know us bible toatin gun slingers down here always gotta be hatin on somebody.

Clingin’ to your guns and religion no doubt. Bunch of ignant an unedumacated hicks, I tell ya.:smiley:

Well, the Southern Poverty Law Center brands a whole lot of groups as Haters.

Including Tradition in Action and the SSPX, as well as the group Save California, which is opposed to gay marriage.

So…I take any news releases from SPLC with a grain of salt.

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