Election Lawsuits

Yep. A whole lot of nothing. Nada. Zilch. Move on.

This is just embarrassing to the nation.


Only if the allegations are true. If not, only Trump may be embarrassed.

So far, the Trump team hasn’t even gotten a base hit.

Trumps actions and the actions of the Republicans are the embarrassment.


Would you deny someone, even Trump, his constitutional rights?


No I wouldn’t. It is absolutely his constitutional right to be an #$%Q%@ and throw sand in the wheels of a peaceful transition of power. Perfectly his right. Perfect ending to his reign.

The rest us of just want to move on.


It’s not “an embarrassment” to seek justice. It’s our duty as citizens of the U.S.A. to do what is necessary to make sure that justice has been served.

Let the courts decide instead of the media and public opinion.

I hope Pres. Trump is vindicated.


In this game, the number of outs is only limited by time.


This is my speculation and is not meant to be taken as anything other than opinion, but I think after this is over, Trump will still insist that he actually won. This feels more like a PR campaign to keep to help his self-image.

The motions and actions that the legal team has taken in court look like a farce. I don’t think they are actually trying to win. Either another strategy is at play, or the lawyers are just doing the bidding of someone headstrong to make bad legal decisions.

The court hearings have been really odd. I just encountered the text of the decision that the Michigan court made that I had mentioned in another thread (the judge had already told them she was dismissing the case before the text was available).

There have been attempts to get action from the court based on what is imagined to be the case.

They tried to appeal the decision. They got back a response saying

Thus far, one of the problems with the cases filed is the lack of evidence that stands up to scrutiny or matches the rules of evidence for the court in which they have been filed.


We’re suing. Let’s find the reason.

Odd, I that they were filed int he first place.

Yes. We’re suing. Find the reason.

I am appalled, but also glad, that they are filing all these suits with no evidence. Appalled, because it’s childish. Glad, because of the lack of evidence of voting fraud.

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It’s generating news. And members of the general public take the existence of a court case as confirmation of misdeeds without applying any scrutiny. I think that is part of the purpose. We’ve already seen the effect it is having on people that participate in these forums.

It gets more childish the closer you look. I feel like the lawyers don’t even want to be on those cases.

Here’s something from one of the Pennsylvania cases where the Donald J Trump campaign was seeking “an Emergency Injunction baring the Defendant County Board of Elections from continuing to count any ballots so long as Republican observers are not present as required by state law.”

Fails in court, but convinces a lot of people that the Trump campaign was denied observation access.

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I have seriously wondered if they’re doing this deliberately. A first-year law student could do better.

Rona McDaniel and Kaliegh Mcenany are hyperventalating on Hannity/Fix right now.

Other than the Hatch Act violation, I don’t see why they’re there. They have no facts. They just talk about “investigating allegations”.



And that went so well with the Pennsylvania postal worker.

It is an embarrassment to file frivolous lawsuits just to drag the time. Of course it would be a perfect solution to penalize frivolous lawsuits with some HUGE fine, preferably not just the plaintiff, but also his attorneys. People might think twice to try to clog the system with ridiculous filings.


I don’t think that irregularities in the election of the President of the U.S. is a frivolous lawsuit.

I think it’s important that the voting process be constantly re-evaluated to make sure that everything is on the up and up.

Our advances in technology have made possible things that seem almost supernatural when they happen.

E.g., my husband and I will be jokingly talking in our own home, with no one else around, and no phone line open, about purchasing some silly thing; e.g., a Chicago Bears gnome for the yard, from one of the many catalogues that arrive almost every day in our mailbox. AND…for the next few days, we will be constantly bombarded in our email with pictures of gnomes, garden ornaments, landscaping services, Chicago Bear merchandise–how in heck did these people know what I and my husband were saying in the privacy of our own home!!!

I think if nothing else, these lawsuits will result in a voluntary fine-tooth combing of the voting process in the states, and this will result, hopefully, in a more reliable and possibly more convenient/comfortable voting process for we, the people.

Also, as I have commented in another post, if this Presidential election is left to stand with no investigation, there will be constant doubts expressed by many citizens as to whether Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris really, truly won the election. Lawsuits will force a vetting process that will prove (hopefully) that the election results are truly legitimate, and this will make life a lot smoother for the new administration.

For what it’s worth (nothing), Peeps and Mr. Peeps believe that massive cheating happened, and that Pres. Trump and VP Pence are the rightful winners. We don’t believe for a minute, though, that this will ever be proved. Even the most ardent Trump/Pence supporters are, in all likelihood, open to the tremendous bribes that they will no doubt be offered to back off, shut up, or even outright lie. I’m not sure what I would do if I were in a position to de-elect Biden/Harris–and someone offered me a cool ten million tax-free to keep my mouth shut-it would be tempting. I would probably hold out for free health care for the rest of my life (and my husband’s life) in addition to the ten million.

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The first one MIGHT not be. Once, however, the lawsuit is thrown out for lack of merit, and the same or similar suit is introduced, while it is obvious that it will be thrown out as well - it IS a frivolous lawsuit.

Even if a very few irregularities are found, none of them would change the outcome. Trump just wants to fire up his followers, to doubt the validity of the election, and then, in the next 4 years he can try to build a base for the next election cycle. Fortunately, once he is out of office, the REAL litigations will start, with SDNY and other plaintiffs, and he will not be shielded by Barr and his cronies.

And then the fun will start. :wink:

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Is the reason you think there’s been fraud on a large scale because you don’t think Biden could beat Trump fair and square?

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Have you read up on the procedures taken to do just this between the 2016 and 2020 elections?

I found voting this year quite convenient and comfortable, and given the total lack of evidence to the contrary, I’m confident in the process, as well.

Why should we spend money and time investigating something currently on par with a faked moon landing?

Perhaps because no evidence exists to support it.

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