Election Lawsuits

If you need an example of the all star legal minds behind the Trump campaign’s lawsuits, lawyers in the case in Georgia that was dismissed yesterday submitted as evidence supposed irregularities in Wayne County, Michigan election turnout that must be due to the Dominion/Venezuela conspiracy. Turns out the irregularities were because they don’t know the difference between Minnesota and Michigan.




Is not that what was perpetrated over the last four years? Accusations without proof, false information, manufactured emails presented to courts as ‘evidence’, politicians coming out and stating bald face lies, former administration upper echelons becoming talking heads on Media promoting falsehoods … all of which was to deny and sow belief in a stolen 2016 election …

If people are failing to listen to them now - whose fault is that …

After the last four years and with the near 50% of the electorate - I would say that Trump should follow through with court cases and recounts. Al Gore was allowed that - and won many lower case suits before loosing at the SCOTUS …

Both sides should want the fraud, illegal votes and lack of due diligence that has been shown to be identified and addressed … even if it does not change the presidential election … already down ballot races have been changed - so the fraud and ineptitude have had impacts …

ANd as I said - the MSM hysteria over the suits is falling on deaf ears - whose deafness they created with their shrill false narrative of the last four years … they created this - they own it …


It is a fact that Democrats in 2016 tried to get electors to vote for Hillary and not Trump [something they have accused Trump of attempting to do and have no idea of how hypocritical that is].

It is a fact that the Obama Administration weaponized forces against the Trump and his transition team. They spied on them - wire taps and such.

It is a fact that they used a dossier bought and paid for by the DNC, Hillary and our own FBI that they knew beyond any doubt was inaccurate and full of lies to try to throw distrust on the election of Trump.

After the transition they connived to use that same dossier to get a special council appointed to continue their fiction … including falsifying evidence presented to the FISA court to obtain wire taps against a US citizen without any merits …

Trump may be delaying the transition of Biden a few days - but he is not performing a coup attempt - that is literally what the democrats did for the last four years.

Stating facts does not violate Catholic morality nor calumny … this is not an ends justifies the means - this distrust in this election by Trump and many who voted for him is a normal reaction - And I would add that allowing the electoral regularities to work through the courts and work through the questions that citizens have is good for which ever candidate prevails Biden or Trump … and the hysteria of the same media that pushed a hoax of Russia Collusion for four years to push the narratives they are now id proof of why we need to let the process work.

And yes - in matters unrelated to this election - the Democratic party is morally bankrupt … all the more reason to make sure that this election was not illegally rigged …

Not to mention that those individuals who did vote illegally - even if it does not change the outcome - need to be found and prosecuted. Our elections need to be honest fair and represent the electorate - there should be no tolerance for illegal votes - at all - at any level, at any location and for any elected position


What statements? What rash judgements? I’ve searched the thread and I honestly don’t know what you’re referring to.

If you’re going to accuse me of breaking one of the Lord’s commandments, please tell me what lies I have told.

It’s a long thread–please quote my posts that you find questionable. Thank you.

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Like this maybe?

This is some well-engineered, well-thought out cheating by lawyers who were filled with hatred and vitriol towards a President who didn’t respect them and their self-serving and evil ways.

You do realize that this was engineered mainly by Democratic, liberal LAWYERS, who know well how to cheat and make it look legal.

This is not a case of innocent until proven guilty. Here, we do not even have any case against anyone s so they can be charged, so they can be tried. Furthermore, lack of a case is somehow seen as evidence of how adept they are at cheating? I know that the word “conspiracy theory” is seen as an insult. Then perhaps this particular characteristic of a conspiracy theory should not keep being used.

Or am I a part of it, proving how deep it goes?

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I see backwards rationalization. Starting with the premise that the incumbent won re-election, what must be wrong. Votes are miscounted, or if not some were suppressed, or some were allowed that shouldn’t. So this is taken to court. When that failed, then there must be a deeper conspiracy that could not be so easily uncovered, some deep state Republodemocran (my new trademark word) group that keeps the status quo. Everyone know where this will end up. Our secret lizard overlords.

I am all for allowing the lawsuits that were filed to continue, or file more. Bribing public officials to fail to follow their statutory duties is illegal though, and just the optics of meeting with people that are functionaries in the process is disturbing. I think we may be approaching the time when lawsuits by the Democrats might be in order, a possible restraining order to prevent tampering and bribery after the fact.


I see your point. And you are not part of it. Remember, I don’t listen to radio talk shows and I’m not involved with any social media other than a few online forums like CAF.

When I said “lawyers,” I was referring to the Congress–the Senators and Representatives who kept up a constant litany of criticism and accusations, even leading to an impeachment in their efforts to oust Donald Trump from the Presidency.

Conspiracy theory? TO ME and many others, it was obvious that they hated this man and his family and wanted him OUT. Not one of their “charges” stuck or was proven–every effort they made to end his Presideny failed.

If you can’t see that–well, that’s why the country is divided! We are all seeing things differently, from a different perspective. What I saw was bullying, plain as my nose.

Although not all of our Senators and Representatives are lawyers, many of them are. I wasn’t referring to lawyers outside of Congress–I apologize that I didn’t make the clear in my post.

And yes, you are correct–they were within their rights to do all that they did to hobble Pres. Trump–there was no “crime,” nothing that is actionable. There will never be a trial and there shouldn’t be.

But their failure to figure out a way to work with a President that they didn’t like is one reason that the divide, almost 50-50 if we can base it on Presidential election results–will continue until something happens to make Democrats and Republicans work together.

It’s rather ominous and discouraging that a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic can’t seem to make our elected officials sit down, put their differences aside for now (and eventually work out some kind of compromise that satisfies both sides), and show the country that they respect each other and will work together.

It will be interesting to see if the Republicans in Congress treat Pres.-Elect Biden and VP Elect-Harris the same way that the Democrats in Congress treated Pres. Trump and VP Pence.

I can agree with that. I have never cared for terms like “hater” and “Trump derangement syndrome,” but only because they are too broadly applied. I know there are a lot of people though to whom that would apply.

I was also skeptical of the whole impeachment process as well, though open to it, at first. By the time it was over, it seemed clear there wasn’t much there, surely not anything to justify removing a duly elected president.

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That is one of the reason I would really like to see McConnell and Pelosi out. McConnell is already posturing, and Pelosi, well, she’s Pelosi.

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Is the truth allowed to be told about left leaning candidates??? If not then it’s not a free and fair election and this is what msm and big tech has been involved in…hiding/ignoring truth…

Thank you!

It’s good to chat with someone who is reasonable and open-minded!

Many of my work associates were whooping out victory warcries and dancing around the lab the day that Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris were proclaimed the winners. That was hurtful, and I think if it hadn’t been for COVID, I would have asked the supervisor to please put an end to the celebration.

(I work in a hospital, and it’s an unspoken theory that any of us can get away with pretty much anything; e.g., drinking on the job!–because they can’t fire us due to dangerous short-staffing!)

By the way, I think there were irregularities in the election process, but there always have been. I don’t believe in a conspiracy to defraud Pres. Trump and VP Pence of being re-elected.

I believe and accept that Biden/Harris won, and I think it’s because of what I have often said here–many Republicans (and Democrats, too) did not vote FOR Donald Trump, but we voted AGAINST Hillary Clinton.

Joseph Biden was not as frightening as Secy of State Clinton, although I have some very serious fears about what Kamala Harris will attempt if she should ascend to the Presidency. Hopefully the Republicans will retain control of the Senate and block anything too extreme–and hopefully sensible Democrats will also block extreme policies.

I also believe that both Republicans and Democrats were weary of the constant controversies surrounding Pres. Trump, and voted for Biden/Harris with hopes that we could possibly see some decorum in the government again. I don’t buy “decorum.” I prefer righteousness.

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Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign is appealing a Pennsylvania judge’s decision to dismiss its lawsuit challenging the state’s ballot counting procedures, with intent to halt its upcoming certification of results.

Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign is appealing a Pennsylvania judge’s decision to dismiss its lawsuit challenging the state’s ballot counting procedures, with intent to halt its upcoming certification of results.

The appeal, filed Sunday, came about 24 hours after District Court Judge Matthew Brann issued a ruling that tossed out allegations included in the Trump campaign’s legal complaint. In his decision, Brann noted that attorneys failed to provide sufficient evidence supporting their insistent claims that misconduct on the part of elections officials gave Joe Biden his projected presidential win.

“One might expect that when seeking such a startling outcome, a plaintiff would come formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption,” Brann wrote. “That has not happened. Instead, this Court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations, unpled in the operative complaint and unsupported by evidence.

Apparently the appeal will be moot when the vote is certified today, since the only remedy asked for was to stop the certification.

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Georgia will be still on people’s mind (yes I’m going there for a joke)I imagine as they and start counting again.


While I do not see four states appointing electors to the loser, the possibility of even one (Michigan) is very troubling. I have voted most of my life for Republican candidates based on the values and issues they (supposedly) represent. For the GOP to become the party of anti-democracy, anti-constitutionalism, and anti-America, even in one state, will undermine their integrity just a little. With the country so divided, the gains in Congress this year could slip. I know I am going to seriously consider if I want state GOP reps if they cannot be trusted with such a simple task, and I have never voted for a Democrat representative.


Biden won and won fairly. He will be the next President. Trump is simply humiliating himself and making the US the laughing stock of the world.
Already 30 legal cases have been thrown out or withdrawn because none of them are based on facts or evidence. They are baseless allegations. I see too that none of the lawyers in any of the cases have dared to use the word fraud in front of a judge.
You know any good things Trump did will be forgotten by history. His legacy is the farce he is putting the country and its people through. In the future when looking back at his Presidency this is what people will talk about.
He is wasting everyone’s time and endangering national security by not allowing an orderly transition. Biden should be getting the intelligence briefings.


Right on, man. They need a long ‘time out’ to think about what kind of mischief they’re getting involved in.

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