What exactly does the Catholic Church teach about election and predestination? What was St. Pau’sl meaning when he spoke of those words and what was St. Augustine’s meaning on it? Because I know the Catholic Church believes in free will.

A buddy of mine says the early Church believed in election-Luther and Calvin style. But I think his only quotes are from the Bible. I do not find any early Christian letters talking about election.


Cathlics believe in predestination, but not int he way Calvin taught it. We believe Christ knows we’re we end up, for he si all knowing, but he oes not creaate us for heaven or hell, that notion is illogical, for God does nto wish the death of a sinner, but that he may be saved!

Its our hcoice if we go to heaven or hell, God made us for heaven…its are chocie if we follow through.


Think about it this way… Christianity doesn’t make sense in a world where election/predestination determines our end. Why would God humble Himself to become man, then continue on to suffer and die for us, if we were destined for either heaven or hell regardless? It would all have been for nothing, or would not have been!

Catholics believe that God created us all for heaven. We may choose to go to hell instead. God knows the choices that we will make, but does not force us to take make them.

God bless,



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