Election quandry

In my province the premier has just resigned for personal reasons, so there will be a new leader for the party elected in the new year. Under his leadership our province has managed to keep abortion clinics out of our province (ostensibly for economic reasons but I suspect for his own reasons as well. He is Catholic.) Nationally, his party’s leader has said that they will not support a candidate (at the national level at least) unless they are pro-choice. I don’t know if the local leader will have the same policy but I suspect so, given the increased public and media pressure. The other 2 parties in the running are emphatically pro-choice. So, faced with an election for the premier where all 3 major parties are pro-choice, how do I decide?

Be salt and light. You decide the election for the leadership as regards “life and blessing.” READY FOR SOME GUERILLA THEATRE? BEWARE! NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!

  1. Widely publicize a public kitten beheading and at your event, pass out materials showing a baby in utero has MORE pain receptors not less than post-birth baby with the title, “MOM CAT HAS MORE SENSE.” Of course wear the kitten around in one of those little front harness kiddie carriers adapted for a snoozing kitten. And of course do not behead the kitten.

  2. Widely publicize “FREE MASTECTOMY JARS” and pass out materials showing that abortion increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer up to 30% per Joel Brind, PhD. I’d like to thank my lawyer friend for that offering, R.I.P. and his joking advice on how to create an insanity plea…He was, by the way, murdered by Politico-Plutocrats for being an honest man trying to stop gubbermint executives molesting children and dealing drugs etc. in the prison system. So, yeah, better you should do extreme guerilla theater than get this stuff entrenched as in America where Catholics have sold their souls to the Partial-Birth Abortion party, if I may respectfully say so without actually mentioning names…


  4. In short raise consciousness, get that book GUERILLA MARKETING, emulate the genius University of Kansas/Lawrence student who created pamphlets with “PLANNED PARENTHOOD” on the front and then she passed them out on campus where students eagerly grabbed them up. Inside was the scoop on Planned Parenthood including Margaret Sanger’s racialism and her desire to erase all brown-eyed people off the face of the Earth for the superior blue-eyed people, strangely recessive genetically but somehow superior…GO KU! ROCK! CHALK! JAYHAWK! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Uuuuuu-Uuuuuuuuuuu!

  5. Show DVD with abortions being performed on a tv monitor through a car/van window in some parking lot of some “church” that’s pro-abortion. I promise I’ll go your bail…

  6. BUMPER STICKERS: The very popular stick figure family bumper sticker with X over that pesky last kid with the motto “ABORT NOW WHILE ITS LEGAL”

  7. Pass out “TINY FEET” and pictures of thumb-sucking pre-borns. That’s THE BEST!

GOT IT? Of course “pray and work” as St. Benedict counsels, and speak the truth in love.:slight_smile:

Lord, enlighten the eyes of our hearts. AMEN

It is my understanding that, when there is no moral candidate available, you can either vote for the candidate who you think would do the least harm, or abstain from voting, and instead work to educate voters and influence the culture so that next time there is a greater chance of an acceptable candidate being proposed. Does that sound reasonable?

Thanks dmar, that makes it a little easier.

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