Electoral College meets amid effort to deny Trump presidency


Electoral College meets amid effort to deny Trump presidency dlvr.it/MwHNGq

Not sure I’ve ever seen anything like this before.


I haven’t and I hope I never do again. This is just insane. And how many voters really think that this will work?


The Electoral College controversy in 1876 is a more embarrassing moment of US history than this whining period. And the protesting and rioting in 1968 (surrounding the campaigns and the presidential election time period) was far more turmoil ridden. So far it’s the hissy fit controversy of 2016.


All eleven Indiana Electoral College votes have been cast for Donald Trump.
All five EC votes from WV to Trump

We don’t expect all the states to be announced until 7pm tonight Eastern time.

There is a map here that is slowly being updated as the states come in


I don’t need to wait for an announcement. Donald Trump is going to be the next president. Period.


TN all 11 for Trump.
NH all 4 to Clinton
VT 3 to Clinton (no defections to Sanders)

no surprises so far


You’re right about that. There’s hardly any drama today.


In theory we will know by 4pm Eastern time if Trump clears 270.


All this is designed to do it to give the people the impression thatvTrump is illegitimate,thus staying with the notion he doesn’t have a mandate.What a bunch of arrogant whiny,sore losers.Get over it already Scheesh:rolleyes:


If the worst we have to witness is the wacky actions of kids falling to the ground at Ivy League campus cry-ins or Democrats pointing fingers at anyone and anything as the reason they lost, I’ll take that over the potential of violence.


We can’t expect the perpetually aggrieved to be anything but perpetually aggrieved.


Arkansas’ 6 electors have voted for Donald Trump.

Mississippi’s 6 electors have voted for Donald Trump

Oklahoma’s 7 electors have voted for Donald Trump.

Illinois’ 20 electors have voted for Hillary Clinton

No surprises


Not sure about that whole “mandate” thing. More political speak in my opinion. :shrug:

Meanwhile, as a woman who did NOT vote for Trump, I just roll my eyes at the whining and pointless noise-making. Sheesh, indeed!

Can you imagine if the EC actually DID cast their votes for someone other than the candidate who won their state’s popular vote?! Utter chaos and complete loss of faith in the whole process! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Our whole system relies on certain processes that are to be honored in good faith.

Anyway, this whole story is really just an attempt to garner readers/viewers. There’s no story here, and nothing to see.

And prayers for all elected leaders and appointees in the new governing cycle! :signofcross:


At least there’s no draft hanging over their heads but I wouldn’t expect reminders of Clinton’s popular win to die down soon, especially since they’re still counting the popular vote. It may not affect the outcome but it still goes on record, like it or not.


Fox was saying this morning that there is only one Republican elector who has indicated that he will not vote for Trump. Unless there is a whole closet-full of anti-Trump Republican electors, this whole thing is a tempest in . . . some kind of a pot :smiley:


Arizona’s 11 electors have voted for Donald Trump

Connecticut’s 7 electors have voted for Hillary Clinton

Delaware’s 3 electors have voted for Hillary Clinton

Georgia’s 16 electors have voted for Donald Trump

Kentucky’s 8 electors have voted for Donald Trump

NC 15 Trump


:yawn: Did we really think it might go some other way? Seriously, this is a non-story.



Indeed,so tiresome.Add to that Michelle Obama speaking out now the feelings of hopelessness the Nation is now feeling…:rolleyes:



Cannot understand the arrogance of the Obamas! They’ll still be fawned over when Trump
is President and their every utterance widely reported.:confused
Saw parts of that commercial trying to sway electors from voting for Trump. “…I’m not
saying you should vote for Hillary, but…” I hope all they get for their efforts is the BIG

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