Electricity, Internet, etc. on Sunday


We know that unnecessary servile labor on Sunday is sinful. However, would using the Internet, electricity, water, or other services for unnesesary purposes be sinful? These may require others to work more than they need to in order to provide basic necessary sevices.


It’s definitely not sinful to use the internet or electricity on Sunday. Also not sinful for people who provide necessities like electricity and the internet to work on Sundays.


In one of your past posts you mentioned you have Scrupulosity. As such, asking questions like this on CAF could be detrimental to you. I’d recommend asking a priest instead and trusting his answer.


I know what you mean, but what if you use the internet or electricity for unnecessary activities? Wouldn’t one be making others work, not for services they need but simply for unnecessary means of entertainment or conviniences?


No, you’re not “making” others work. The internet and electricity providers still do the same kind of work regardless of whether you or anyone else is using the internet for leisure or for necessity. Besides, many people who work on Sundays are not even Christian and therefore not bound to abstain from servile work.

Also, I second asking a priest and trusting his answer.


If you are seriously concerned about this, you should discuss it with a counselor. Definitely unhealthy.


It is necessary that people in those fields work on Sunday. Therefore they are not doing anything wrong, even materially, by working, There is no sin in cooperation with things that aren’t wrong.


As someone who works in the railroad industry which is a 24 hour 7 day operation, the people who work weekends have compensating days off during the week. So some may work the weekend but will have for example Wednesday and Thursday off. So it’s not like people work all week long without a break.


@SebastianMary , I would be more concerned about how the use of the internet could be sinful on all seven days of the week .

Much on the internet is evil .


This. This should be the only answer.


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