Elevator speech.. Do you have one?

I was just wondering, if you had a few moments with someone in an elevator, and you were going to use that time to explain to “pitch” – so to speak – your religion (whatever it may be), what would you say? Remember, you have to keep it short.

Well, discussion on eternity being put into the duration of an elevator is not nearly enough time to say anything. It would be a good time to have a Gospel of John ready and ask if they’d be interested in reading it.

going up or down seems to be the perfect lead in…:smiley:

would it count if the elevator were in a very tall building?:slight_smile:

I find the idea of going up to someone and just preaching tacky, and for the most part ineffective, so I wouldn’t.

The problem is you have no idea where someone is coming from. If you want to speak to them about faith you have to have that knowledge or you have almost no way of making a connection, or speaking to them about something they care about.

You might get lucky, but more often than not you’ll just annoy people.

I’m sorry, but I do agree :shrug::smiley:

This so reminds me of prof of psych I had years ago. He gave us an exercise to do sometime because being in an elevator full of strangers could be interesting according to him. You get on the elevator and instead of turning to face the door and look up at the numbers, you stay facing the back of the elevator and look up. Soon everyone that gets on does this too.
Yes I know, totally off topic, sorta.:smiley:

If I could indulge in a brief analogy:

Where I used to live and in the neighboring towns the volunteer fire departments will do fundraisers in the summer. Most towns will position people with cans and baskets at a stoplight for a weekend. They’ll come up to your car and ask for money and overall jam up traffic. It’s both annoying and uncomfortable.

In one nearby town a few years ago they had signs directing people to the fire station. They had firefighters outside asking for donations. They were playing some music. They let any kids that came by get onto one of the trucks. I stopped by, put a few bucks in the can, shook a fireman’s hand and went on my way. It was light and pleasant. It wasn’t intrusive. Unlike the first firefighters I was receptive to their needs and wanted to help.

Waiting to give your speech to someone on an elevator is not going to make people responsive to your message. You’re clearly cornering people, plus no one likes to think they are being targeted. Also it does the one thing I can’t stand about evangelization: Treat people like a notch on the souls saved tally and not as human beings.

What about elevator speeches as a means of securing a job interview? I think that is tacky also. But human resources “experts” say it is a way to network if you are job hunting. I’m not so sure.:shrug:

That was a thing that turned me off about evangelical protestantism, seeming to treat people as a notch on the souls saved tally rather than human beings.:sad_yes:

Absolutely, especially when you are in a confined space and can not immediately walk away!
This would have turned me farther away from Christianity when I was agnostic!

I think one of the most profound statements ever made to me that stuck with me for years and years was simply this, “I just love going to church. It makes me so happy.” I actually had a Catholic friend say that years ago. I wasn’t Catholic then, but somehow that simple statement stuck with me and had a profound impact on me. If someone loves going to church and it makes them happy, then I want that too. Who needs a speech?!

As someone who has worked in human resources for more years than I care to admit, I’ll join you in throwing down the “tacky” card. That would ensure I would NOT be interested in hiring you.

So all that stuff I learned while in the Dislocated Workers program and so many other seminars for unemployed persons about elevator speeches while you are unemployed and looking for work is just so much “BS”?:shrug:

And the reason it made an impression is because your friend made a comment about THEIR life, not yours, not someone in the elevator. It seems very judgmental to size someone up in an elevator in a manner of seconds and come to the conclusion they need to be evangelized. That’s making an assumption about someone else. Some of the most devote Catholics/Christians I know would never come across as one if encountered for a mere minute in an elevator. You can’t see someone’s heart by just looking at them.

Well, my religion is anti-proselytization, but if I were going to elevator-splain my religion to someone it would go something like: “Take care of your family, don’t do anything you would be ashamed to claim in public, and do things that you’d want to be remembered for. Say ‘hello’ and ‘thanks’ to your gods and your ancestors often, and if you really need something, they’ll most likely help you out. Also, Vikings.”

If I was in an elevator I don’t think I would just start talking about the Catholic Church, unless asked of course. But I would try to strike up a friendly conversation. A pleasant hello and whatnot. And I would always be open to the Holy Spirit. On one occasion my friends and I asked someone if we could pray for them. They were very receptive of our offer.

I loved that “experiment” it’s been done many times even on Candid Camera.

I might think an elevator is private property and not the appropriate place to preach religion.
I know I wouldn’t want that happening to me every time or even one time I stepped in an elevator.


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