'Eleven Jinping': Indian TV fires anchor over blooper


BBC News:

’Eleven Jinping’: Indian TV fires anchor over blooper

India’s state TV channel has fired a news anchor for referring to Chinese President Xi Jinping as “Eleven” Jinping. The presenter apparently confused Mr Xi’s name with the Roman numerals XI.
Her name has been removed from the panel of newsreaders, Doordarshan news chief Archana Datta told BBC Hindi, describing the error as “grave”.

     President Xi ended a three-day visit to India on Friday, where he signed 12 deals to boost trade and economic ties.
     The blooper occurred during a show on Doordarshan news on Wednesday night.
     Ms Datta said the newsreader had not been staff but a casual employee. 
     "Doordarshan keeps a list of freelance casual newsreaders. They are called for duty when there is a shortage of regular staff," 
     But [The Indian Express]("http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/how-eleven-jinping-cost-a-dd-newsreader-his-job/")  newspaper reported that the mistake happened during the night bulletin  which is generally read by casual newsreaders since the regulars do not  prefer to work at that time.

Sounds exactly like something I would have done, except I would also have found a Li to call “51” :D.

Also love how they are disowning this guy – I bet he’s really been working there 20+ years.


If a Roman toga has a tag that says “XL”, is it extra-large or size 40? :hmmm:


At first, I read it as, “Elven Jumping.”


So did I! I guess we both would have been fired. I blame my new glasses.

I am not familiar with Indian television, but if the audience expects news anchors to be experts on everything they report on, this person is not qualified.

If you view news anchors as overpaid talking heads who just read the teleprompter, who cares?

I tend to agree with the latter view.


European clothing sizes are so confusing.



Too bad American anchors aren’t held to half this standard. I wonder if most of them could even pass a 2 question multiple choice exam on the things they’re talking about. Like said, overpaid talking heads. One day computer generated fascimiles will do the talking.


Remember Max Headroom?



You mean like the anchor who said that children should be **vaccinized **early?



I can say eleven in English.

Try as i might, I can say Xi without mangling my tongue.

So who is this Eleven Jumping character, and why is he important?


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