Eleven US states oppose transgender schools edict


Eleven US states have filed a lawsuit challenging the Obama administration’s recent efforts to expand the rights of transgender students.

The White House issued a directive this month, mandating that students be allowed to use the toilet that matches their gender identity.

The states called the order “a massive social experiment”.

Several US states have recently enacted laws that limit the rights of transgender people.



Wish the article identified the 11 states…



I’m surprised Missouri didn’t join in.


Does the US federal government really have such direct control over local school systems? I would think something like school policy should be a state matter. Certainly here in Canada each Province administers its own school system with different policies…


Yes, the states administer the school systems. But the Federal government got involved by threatening to withhold federal funds. They take your money from you and then blackmail you to get it back, after taking out their commission. :frowning:

In my opinion, the DOE is not constitutional and should be abolished along with just about every other Federal department.


I believe some candidates suggested that re DOE. I totally agree.



I hope more states join Texas!


It’ll be a beautiful day when the Supreme Court ends this idiocy once and for all.


Even though their opposition won’t stop this ridiculous agenda, it’s still nice to see that there are some people out there who are willing to take a stand against all of this perversion.


Five of the states were part of the old Confederacy. All of them except Maine and Wisconsin voted Republican in the last the Presidential election. I consider these states spiritual successors to the Confederate States of America because of their opposition to federal tyranny. Keep on fighting!


I’m sure people are wondering with either bafflement or satisfaction, “Only eleven?”


I suppose that most states have long since adjusted to rolling over for the federal bureaucracy and begging in order to obtain their treats.


Sure you wanna support the Confederacy in a conversation like this one? Opponents to this edict definitely don’t want it described as a civil rights issue. Might want to rethink championing a pro-slavery entity here…


I would offer whatever support I could from such liberal NW states, I grow tiresome of all this relativism. Almost wanted to walk into target and ask if they had attack helicopter bathrooms because of how silly this has all become.:smiley:


Yes, given how active the state legislature has been on social conservative issues, I too would have expected the state to join in the lawsuit.

The governor of Missouri is a Democrat, as is the state Attorney General. That might explain why Missouri didn’t participate, although I don’t know.


Nothing will stop the politically correct religion until it is recognised as such.


The plaintiffs include Alabama, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah, Georgia, the governor of Maine and the Arizona Department of Education.

The only one on this list that is a little surprising is Maine, mostly only because I have a biased view of East coast liberal tendencies. :o


Grace, I’m sure he is referring to states rights, not championing slavery.


Obviously. But it isn’t possible to separate states rights and slavery when discussing the Confederacy. Hence the raised eyebrow when anyone applauds the Confederacy…


I support the spirit of the Confederacy.

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