Eliminating Profanity problems


A couple of threads turned up today, obviously it's something that seems to be something too many of us struggle with, and I wanted to share a little bit with what has worked with me along the subject.

I do recognize that the company you keep, you tend to adopt their language patterns, often many of us are thrust into the work world each day, with co-workers that are not of our faith, nor keep their language patterns reverent. With enough exposure to this, it does eventually rub off on us, and this is entirely due to exposure. I've noticed taking a better selection of the crowd I hang out with as well has something to do in play with it as well on top of it, for most can control the latter more then the former.

I am not big upon simply replacing the superfluous with another word, I try to keep my language patterns in line without actually needing them, and in reality, almost every single time you speak, you don't really need to require these unnecessary descriptions. You actually come out ahead, not fighting it, but articulating what you say in a better way, so it's actually benefiting you more directly with your speech itself, moral base or not.

If that doesn't work for you, then at least, know that what you normally are saying in the real world will very much slip out in church, and when it does, be very clear upon knowing, your respect with the rest of the congregation just completely went down the tubes. Use church voice everywhere if you have to still work upon it. I very much feel for those constantly exposed to it. If you are in business, think about letting a word out, in the middle of a 40k transaction, once it's out, it's gone, a very high price to pay, simply for your vocabulary.....rarely, I mean, very rarely have I ever encountered a client that leaned my direction if I used bad language in the past., so I'll take that risk if I lose a sale just because my language was clean.

Once in a great while, I will still use it, in only one case, I had to prep the person I was talking to, that I was going to use it, this was entirely to drive home a point and make it final, since I was sick of talking about it. While I exist in this world, regardless of how well I adjust my living and work situations, well, unless I become omish or live in a seminary, this is going to be something we all struggle with from time to time, but at least let us have some working game plan in order to address it, thus the reason I posted this thread to help get that one started through it's draft phase.

Adding onto this one, the top words that are the worse, speak of our Lord in a negative sense, simply saying God or Jesus, under your breath, and not being reverent, you have just technically said his name in vain, adding a superfluous only reinforces it. Saying it as an expression of surprise is another, but such less then before, saying it without any real emotion underneath, just as a word to throw around is yet another. We really, very much need to as a society take this directly into context, never, in any way speak of his name without reverence, regardless of what name you use. This also includes never using his name for the sake of genocide, that is truly taking his name in vain in it's most direct manner.


It`s certainly safer not to start using profane or obscene language. Once you start using it, its a lot harder to break it.

If only the offenders could hear themselves! But then, i`ve encountered the type who use it deliberately to embarrass and shock you, especially when they know your feelings about it.

It`s always amazed me how some "men" can use the foulest of language among themselves, but not elsewhere; but as you said, they can make the odd slip, with fatal consequences.

Some of the stuff on T-shirts etc needs to be tackled as well.


I'm in sales so I'm constantly in front of new people. It amazes me how many people will use the Lord's name in vain in front of strangers. Let alone the f-bomb!

I shudder to bring one engineer on any sales call with his mouth.

One other note...it's not just cuss words people use that are bad but derogatory words as well.:(


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