Eliseo Soriano's Criticism Of The Catholic Church

Hi folks! A preacher from the Philippines, whose religion is one of the fastest growing religion in the Philippines and a close rival of Iglesia ni Cristo, has this to say about the church’s teaching NO SALVATION OUTSIDE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH in general and DOMINUS IESUS in particular.


Mr. Ben Douglass, former of Vice President of Catholic Apologetics International, wrote a criticism about this guy.


Hope to read your responses soon.

God bless you all!

The man’s work isn’t even worth reading, he doesn’t understand the difference between having salvation itself and having the means of salvation. He also doesn’t understand the distinction between saying that a protestant sect is NOT a true church and then saying that (insofar as they uphold the true teachings of God) the Church works through them (essentially, salvation OUTSIDE the Catholic church does not come from protestantism but rather by means of the catholic truth which was preserved in spite of other errors.

Furthermore, he doesn’t even understand the simple fact that limbo was never a doctrine of the church. He’s just some ignoramous with a website fomenting lies about a subject he is obviously vastly undereducated on.

Thank you very much for the response. Just want to let you know that this guy’s religion is one of the fastest growing religion in our country. He made people believed through his debates that he is indeed UNBEATABLE. The problem is, people don’t know what proper debate is and don’t know how to identify fallacies. The name of their religion is MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH OF GOD INTERNATIONAL; but they are more popularly known by their T.V. program, ANG DATING DAAN (THE OLD PATH.)

Soriano, from what we heard in his T.V. program, is now in California. Tim Staples and Steve Ray, when they went to the Philippines, were asked about their opinions regarding this guy. However, due to limited information they have about this religion, they only gave limited answers.


Soriano is now touring in the U.S. for his BIBLE EXPOSITIONS. He often travels around California because many Filipinos reside there. Here are their contact info in California, if somebody is interested in finding out more about this religion.

325 Shell Gate Road Alameda California.94501, USA
Rosemarie Tolentino - (510) 7490430 / (510) 3849576 marietony248@yahoo.com

2708 Newell St Los Angeles California 90039 USA
Blanche Girado - 818 212 9338 reinith31@yahoo.com

13603 Ottoman St., Arleta, California 91331, USA
Ace Abalos - +18188933546 / +18182880972 zurc_45@yahoo.com

8908 Westmore St; San Diego, CA 92126
Gordon Reyna / Iluminada Ragon - 858-689-9231 / 858-689-1587 tlgor@sbcglobal.net

9941 Scripps Westview Way #231, San Diego, CA 92131
Josemarie Liam - 8586950724 / 7602240918 jarliam@sbcglobal.net / jarliam@yahoo.com / addsan

8802 Mammoth Ave. Panorama City California 91402
Criselda D. Rosacia - 818 787 1334 / 818 288 0972 / 818 247 3387 christie.rosacia@cityoftruth.us

4289 Macedo PL. Santa Clara, CA95054
Noli Saballa - 1-408-982-9766 / 1-408-646-1962 kaanib_po@yahoo.com / nsaba@amkor.com

14500 Vannuys Blvd. Unit 25 Panorama, CA, 91402, USA
Criselda D. Rosacia - 323.258.8823 / 818.434.0704 christie.rosacia@cityoftruth.us

6503 alcove ave. North Hollywood, CA 91606, USA
Ace Abalos / Anthony Mallari - 8189977613 /8182120767 add_usa_central@yahoo.com / add_usa_central@aadelp

Eli Soriano isn’t worth listening to. He’s entertaining though–his interpretations are comical, and his followers follow the same line of thinking that he has, which becomes even more comical. He is on a running feud with the INC. I think that itself already says as much about him.

If he is so “unbeatable” why is he not a member here?

It’s only his and his members’ illusions that he’s unbeatable. He is supposedly unbeatable because he takes a loopy view of passages. BTW, to be fair, he is not as critical of the Church as he is with his number one rival, the INC.

Let’s see: who started his church? And when?
Hmm, not Jesus Christ in 33 AD–that’s the Catholic Church!

You know, although many well trained Catholics find Soriano’s arguments against the Catholic Church as shallow, many people in the Philippines, especially the masses, are fond of watching this guy. He has phenomenal memory when it comes to the bible. I guess this guy could even memorize the entire bible word for word. However, he doesn’t seem to understand most of the things he memorized.

If you want to learn more about the thought of this preacher from the Philippines and how he convinced many Filipinos, here’s his blog.


I asked one of his deacons to let Soriano write a critical comment on his blog regarding the works of prominent Catholic Apologists like

Dr. Scott Hahn
Dr. Robert Sungenis
Karl Keating
Patrick Madrid
Jimmy Akin
John Salza
Ben Douglass

The deacon replied, that will be soon. We’ll wait then…

some of the things that I disagree with Soriano’s doctrine is that for him, the God of the Bible is not:
a) Omnipotent - Titus 1:2
b) Omniscient - Jeremiah 19:5
c) Omnipresent - Acts 17:24

How about that?! take that!:smiley:

PS. And yes, he really memorized most of the Bible verbatim… not sure about Chronicles though.:smiley:

He became famous by attacking the most powerful religion in the philippines… Iglesia Ni cristo… Eliseo is facing lots of case. LIbel and Rape. Notice the rape victim is a GUY he is gay.****

I heard soriano would screen the questions first before answering them before his audience.

Many people have tried and ask why dont you give it a try also btw i’m johnb1 others are satisfied and others are not.


lets see a few more months to come :slight_smile: what is the results of all our spiritual awareness have reach.


Actually the most powerful religion in the Philippines is Catholicism. INC is simply a deviant cult with leaders out to enrich themselves.

So? Even the Devil knows about the Bible and can quote from it. Memorizing it isn’t really a qualification. :rolleyes: :smiley:

Also, according to him, since God made man according to his image, God (the Father, which here is believed to be actually distinct from and greater than Jesus, who is equal to the Father as God yet a distinct person that is lesser than the Father because He was sent by Him) also possesses organs like eyes (without it, how will He be able to see?), heart, nose, feet (without it, how will He be able to walk?), mouth (without it, how will He be able to speak?), buttocks (without it, how will He be able to sit on His Throne?), etc. except a knee because of Philippians 2:10-11 where the Father is excluded from bending a knee to Jesus’ Name. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have a few friends who are a member of soriano’s sect… so was able to watch a lot of
his ‘debates’ but none with any catholic apologist or any iglesia ni cristo ministers…
eli soriano is a very aggressive and rude debater, his common line of questioning when
cross examining his debate opponents goes something like this," if i can read a verse in
the bible that you are wrong, will you admit in front of this audience that you are a liar and
fooling them?!!" he does shouts at them and berates them to the utter delight of his
followers…he will do anything to win, for his claim is no one can beat him in a debate
because he possesses the truth! his perfect memorization of the bible (kjv) is an added
advantage and he will never miss an opportunity to belittle his opponents.
his so called debates are one of his primary evangelization tools along with his t.v
programs and his so called ‘bible exposition’.
the biggest irony i guess is ,it is because of eli soriano and his attacks on the catholic
church that made me study the bible and the teachings and doctrines of church, and so
after 40 years of absence i am now back in the catholic church and growing in faith everyday!
so thank you eli soriano for bringing me back to the bossom of the catholic church!
for those of you who are interested on what the catholic church really teaches try to
get a copy of “THE FAITH EXPLAINED” by leo j trese a catholic apologist…
GOOD DAY AND GOD BLESS:):slight_smile:

I recalled once that their members here in Cebu, Philippines offered an invitation for our known apologist here for a debate with a condition that the venue would be on their bailiwick or jurisdiction. Our apologist here responded that the venue should be in a neutral ground like the public plaza, etc. Soriano refused the proposal.

I guess, Elie Soriano would like to debate with the audience of his members as the majority in the assembly seeking for applause from them.

I think Mr. Ben Douglass is unjustly counter attacking Eli Soriano. By all means, Mr. Ben Douglass has all the opportunities to discuss with Eli Soriano online and live, instead of writing a web article against him without having no chance for others to post a comment in that article. That only shows cowardness of Mr. Ben Douglass. In fact you can pretty much catch Eli Soriano online at www.livestream.com/elisoriano and you’ll get a chance to chat with him, create an account and speak to him direcly through webcam chat.

If Mr. Ben Douglass is telling the truth, then why can’t he be brave enough to arrange a friendly discussion with Eli Soriano to prove his point, instead of hiding behind the curtains.

Be a man Mr. Ben Douglass!

In my view the main reason for Catholic defections is that cradle Catholics (at least the ones I know here in the Philippines) are generally very poorly catechised and that is the fault of both the parents and the Church. Its easy to persuade someone with a false argument and interpretation of scripture when you have no clue as to what our Church actually teaches.
I was a Methodist when I married my wife. After 10 years of her praying for my conversion I went through the RCIA program and became a Catholic. She is and has always been a very devout Catholic but I realised when I came home from RCIA and started to discuss what I had learned there she had no clue what I was talking about. She (cradle Catholic) actually learned more about her faith from the talks I had with her because of my RCIA classes than she had growing up.
It really is about time both Church and parents got their act together or we will lose more people simply because of ignorance about their faith.

I have talked to MCGI members. When you question their beliefs, they will put you down first by making personal attacks, then proceed with explaining their doctrines. Perhaps that’s the way Soriano had trained them.

And perhaps that’s the reason why Douglass chose to write an article against Soriano instead of facing him. :smiley:

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