Elites, Dems crowd church for John Lewis funeral as normal Americans face worship restrictions

Elites, Dems crowd church for John Lewis funeral as normal Americans face worship restrictions

’Two sets of rules…these are the folks that insist we wear masks and distance everywhere. They are liars,’ commented C-FAM’s Austin Ruse.

Fri Jul 31, 2020 - 12:37 pm EST

Attendees at the funeral of Rep. John Lewis pack the church as most Americans are banned from doing the same

By Paul Smeaton LifeSiteNews

ATLANTA, Georgia, July 31, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Conservative commentators are criticizing Democrat elites for failing to observe so-called social distancing and other measures which they have insisted are necessary while at a funeral service for Democratic congressman John Lewis.

Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton were all in attendance and spoke at the service in Atlanta, Georgia, as well U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Images from the service shared to social media show a packed church with many members of the congregation not “social distancing” – a measure which has been insisted upon for churches around the country in response to the coronavirus crisis and which the Georgia state government says is currently required.

“Why okay for people to be INSIDE A CHURCH, NOT socially distanced, with robust singing/preaching #JohnLewisfuneral but average folk barred from holding graveside outdoor services with more than a few people or be with a loved one at death in hospital? . . .

. . . The maskers and distancers are liars through and through. This is John Lewis‘s funeral today. These are the folks that insist that we wear masks and distance everywhere. They are liars. I attended a funeral this Spring and no one was allowed to be there. . . .


Are they still not allowing loved ones at death beds? I thought they had testing in place. Terrible.

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Remember, the virus is sensitive to good causes.


While John Lewis deserved a respectful funeral, every other person who has passed in the last few months has deserved a respectful funeral. I know several people who have had loved ones die and were not able to hold a real funeral.

I heard about a woman in California who died, she had a large family who wanted to celebrate her life in some way. Since a church service or any type of gathering was not allowed, they held a “peaceful protest” since protests were still allowed.

This is just another example of “do what I say, not as I do” from the left.


I’m surprised that someone (and some media outlet) would prise a political point out of the funeral for a national hero.


What point would that be?

Given LSN’s views of things like masks, I’m surprised they have a problem with this.

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Look at the headline.

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So are national heroes worth more as humans than other peoples loved ones? Or should all Americans live under the same rules / laws?


Should we point to a national figure and say: “He’s got a hole in his sock. Just like all of his political party!”? In a time of mourning must we highlight differences?

You should understand that the OP wanted none but respectful remembrances on the death of Herman Cain, when the reasons for his death were quite topical. Then we get this sort of issue-spotting? It makes one wonder.

I can only speak for my perspective. I’m glad John Lewis’s loved ones were able to have a funeral for him, and that many were able to attend. Over the course of the last few months, others who have lost people they loved have been prevented from the same. COVID laws seem to apply only to some, but not others, either due to politics or their station in life.


So why did they do it?
Why, in a time of mourning, did they decide to violate laws and guidelines inflicted upon everyone else?
What message did they think they were sending?


Might want to mention that to Obama.He made his entire eulogy a political bash fest against Trump


We must unite to mourn a national hero.

Thanks for your understanding.

He said to honor John Lewis by continuing his mission of fostering voting rights. That’s not bashing Trump – unless you believe Trump is trying to restrict minority votes. Do you?

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And that excuses violation of the social distance rules?

Understanding of what?

Nepperhan . . .

You should understand that the OP wanted none but respectful remembrances on the death of Herman Cain

The probem here is not the late John Lewis.

You changed the premise of the argument.


You are? Even given that Obama made a political rally type speech in his eulogy? You are still surprised a news outlet would question the fact that most of America is prevented from having public funerals for their loved ones, with no recourse but yet that was not the case for John Lewis. I don’t think anyone is saying Mr Lewis did not deserve all the respect and honor he received, he certainly did deserve it. I am sure that many Americans who have died in the last several months, such as the young Hispanic Army solider Vanessa Guillen, who was murdered by another solider, deserved to be honored and respected at their funerals but were not allowed to.

Too many people are just over this obvious double standard from the left, the complete hypocrisy of their positions.


In Oregon - Phase 1 - Churches are only allowed 25 people at Mass including the priest - this is true no matter how large the church is - small rural church or large urban parish - so a Parish Church with over 2200 families that holds 600 people at a regular Sunday Mass can have 25 people attend Mass and a small rural Parish with 100 families and a parish that would hold 60 people can have 25 people at Mass …

Weddings, baptisms, First Holy Communions, and Funerals face the same limits of participants - with additional aspects like receptions/after ceremony gatherings being limited to 10 people … However, some people [John Lewis and George Floyd] are special - they can have 100’s and even thousands of people gather in close proximity and there are no limits - on the number of gatherings or participants at said gatherings… its kind of like the pass given to protests [for liberal causes not conservative], riots, arson fires and looting.

That was what the OP was illustrating - IMHO … that the limits on “gatherings” is not related to COVID-19 and the science but to the politics that have been imposed on the Virus

Im not sure if it was appropriate or not. I do know that Obama basically channelled John Lewis.

Then, after the fact, we have commentators huffing that he got a funeral but others didn’t? That’s all they had on the issue? Just sniping around the edges? Its pitiful.

It was not the time for that type of carping. IMHO

Guess you missed other parts of the” eulogy”…

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