Elizabeth Smart's father announces he is gay

Elizabeth Smart’s father announces on Facebook that he is gay. He is leaving his wife, and the Mormon Church. What is the Mormon teaching on homosexuality, and how does that affect the next life if he leaves his wife? That woman has been through so much in her life, I can’t imagine how she is going to deal with this.

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Well all she can do is pray for him and love him.


why are they making this national news?


I so agree. Becoming gay in this day and age is no more important than telling someone you ate a cheeseburger last night.

And why do we need to know everything that family does anyway? Give them some privacy!


Who cares? If I never hear anything more about Elizabeth Smart, I’ll be happy, let alone her father. I wish them all well.


Are any of you Mormon? I would like to hear from someone about Mormon teachings on this.

Former Mormon. The LDS “church” views homosexuality pretty much the same way as the Catholic church does. No gay marriage, the feelings aren’t sinful, the actions are.


Ok, so what happens then after they die if this happens, because I believe the families are eternal?

He probably always was gay. I don’t think people just ‘become gay’.


There will be a problem with this. As a woman is not allowed to obtain the highest kingdom on her own his wife will be stuck as a second wife and remain in a lower place. (This is LDS teaching, not what is true or what Christians believe.)

Mrs. Smart’s options here are limited as she is not permitted to initiate anything on her own. Mr. Smart may have the sealing unsealed setting her free to be sealed to another man. Given that he is leaving the LDS who knows what his thoughts on this are. I would hope he would be kind to her after lying to her all these years.

If she remains sealed to Mr. Smart she can marry again but may not be sealed to husband number 2.

But since none of the “eternal marriage” thing is real, we should pray for both their souls.


Do any of you really think his wife was unaware of his homosexuality? Of course she wouldn’t have let US know this but I really don’t think this hit her out of nowhere!


I presume he is announcing it before some tabloid reporter gloms onto the story.
But I agree that it’s not newsworthy and that the primary interest in Elizabeth Smart is because she herself overcame an awful situation. I couldn’t care less if her dad is straight, gay, poly or asexual.


Elizabeth is a fairly well-known motivational speaker. She just did some event at my employer, although I did not attend because I’m not interested in those TED talk type programs.

When California first rejected homosexual marriage by vote in 2008, it was largely due to Mormon influence and the black community.

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We need to pray for Elizabeth and her immediate family, since this issue has been brought before us, but every time note is publicly made of such an event, it just provides more fodder for the “it’s normal” crowd.

I’d give a lot to never see another “gay” headline again. We know what the Old Testament cautioned, and we know what Christ taught us. Those who must carry this cross and choose to do so quietly and in accordance with Christ’s teachings deserve the opportunity to live without a constant barrage of “news” articles pertaining to it. All the more is that true here on CAF.

I echo @meltzerboy2: WHO CARES?

She is also doing a good work among other women who were kidnapped and held as sex slaves.


Latter-day Saint here - having a sex-gender orientation in and of itself is not considered evil. However, forming a same-gender romantic relationship is considered contrary to God’s law

At face value it would appear that Mr. Smart is in error in this case, however it’s not our place to judge. Let’s just assume for the sake of discussion that Mr Smart is entirely to blame. If Mr Smart willfully continues to rebel against God he will not inherit Eternal Life. If he repents sincerely he will be forgiven. Yes, we do believe that marriage is required to inherit Eternal Life. (See 1 Peter 3:7) If Mrs Smart remains faithful, she will have the opportunity to marriage again - in this life or the next, prior to the Resurrection and claim her blessings of Eternal Life. If Mr Smart repents he could reconcile with Mrs Smart and remarry or marry someone else and claim his blessing of Eternal Life. No devout follower of Christ will miss out on Eternal Life because of the mistaken actions of another.

No one who inherits Eternal Life is in a lower place or in second place. Mrs Smart could marry a man who never married before or who was previously divorced.

Mrs Smart has the option to request that her current sealing be cancelled without the concurrence of Mr Smart. Mr Smart has no control over Mrs Smart in the way you suggest.

This is true.

Nowhere does the Bible state that marriages cannot continue into the Resurrection, only that no new marriages will occur after the Resurrection. And yes, we should always pray for others.

I hope this helps…

It’s interesting that that’s pretty much the same as the Catholic teaching.

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He’s a semi-famous (now-former) Mormon who announced that he’s gay on Facebook. Believe it or not, coming out is still a big deal for people in certain situations, being Mormon among them.

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You’re not being honest here about Mormon doctrine. You know exactly what I’m talking about and it would be nice if you would be more truthful on this subject. As this is a Catholic forum, most people here are not very familiar with Mormonism, so it’s important that Mormons who post here accurately present what their church actually teaches.

So that Catholics unfamiliar with Mormonism understand better, Mormon doctrine teaches that there are 3 levels (kingdoms) of heaven, not one as we believe. The only way to obtain the highest kingdom (celestial) is to be married in a Mormon temple. Getting married in the temple is the #1 goal of all Mormons, more important than anything else in their religion, as it has tremendous implications for their afterlife. They are heavily indoctrinated about temple marriage from the time they are very young children. To achieve less than that is looked upon as failure. It all gets even more complicated as to what it means to be in the lower kingdoms as opposed to the higher, but suffice it to say that yes, in Mormonism there is a 2nd place (and a 3rd) of eternal life.

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