Ellen - and her show on 18 Jun 08

Ellen just announced on her TV show that she is getting married given that California has removed the ban on gay marriage.


Just like Oprah, Ellen needs our prayers.

She announced this like 2 months ago.

My bad. Sorry.

disgusting! :eek: I will challenge myself to pray for her to renounce her affliction. although my initial thought was less charitable.

I will pray for her, and I don’t condone her lifestyle, but I would never have uncharitable thoughts towards her, or any of the homosexuals in CA. She hasn’t hurt me personaly, or any of them. She doesn’t have the moral belief that we do, and I’m sure she’s not getting “married” to hurt Christians. Unfortunately she’s doing something that to her is right and acceptible, and that is sad, but nothing to get angry at her for.
Love the sinner, hate the sin.

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