Elon Musk making “kid-sized submarine” to rescue teens in Thailand cave


I have been following the story about the soccar team trapped deep in a cave in Thailand. If he can make this happen, it would be am amazingly wonderful thing. Praying for all the trapped kids, their coach, parents, and all those involved in the rescue mission.


Why were they in the cave? Was it a field trip gone wrong?


My understanding is that their soccer coach regularly takes the team out for hikes and they went to explore the cave when the rains began and it started to flood forcing them further and further into the cave.

They went missing and it was truly a miracle that their location was found at all. The Thailand rescue team has been sending in oxygen, food & light, but the rainy season is just starting and they need to get the kids out before it floods even more.


Praying for their rescue.

Must be frightening for them.


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