Elton says Pope Francis is his hero



*Sir Elton John has called Pope Francis “my hero” for his compassion and push to accept gays in the Catholic church.

At the event, An Enduring Vision: A Benefit for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, he said Francis is pushing boundaries in the church and told the crowd: “Make this man a saint now, OK?”*


Honestly if the pope ever has to state the doctrine clearly he will have such a mob after him with pitchforks and sticks, it will make Pope Benedict look like a liberal media darling. I almost shudder to think of it. :frowning:


Has Pope Francis made any critical comments about homosexuality since becoming Pope ?


I bet in a year he’ll change his stand once he reads what he actually said or Pope Francis clarifies his statement. I love Pope Francis and think its good he’s trying to get more people to be open to Catholicism, but i’m worried that at some point people will turn on him and then the stress will poor on him


Indeed. :o I do wonder about that sometimes. Though if anyone can find a way through it, it is Pope Francis.


Obviously the media is having a hey day with Pope Francis’ comments, why does he not come out and clarify now? Why the wait? If you are convicted on a certain topic, especially one that’s Church doctrine, there should be no delay in defending Mother Church.

I’m afraid this is true with many bishops of the Church.


I dunno. I get the feeling that no matter what his holiness might say, the media (for some definition of media) will keep twisting it to their own message, and either outright lie or simply not report at all if it cannot be spun.

“The medium is the massage”,


Regardless, the pope should come out and unequivocally defend Church teaching instead of remaining silent and leaving the faithful to mull in anxious confusion.



I know what the Church teaches. It’s all laid out in the Catechism. I don’t need the Pope to constantly reassure me that he believes it, too, in the face of the perpetual media slant. It’s pretty obvious to me that the Pope will always be Catholic. And almost as obvious that the media will always distort things.

I’d rather the Pope communicate the Catholic message on his own terms (or, rather, the Spirit’s terms) rather than allowing the media to dictate when and how he talks about which topics.


Maybe Sir Elton is trying to sell records.


At first, I misread this thread, and saw: “Pope Francis says Elton is his hero”.



Now that would be a major headline. :smiley:


A saint now? I’d prefer him alive, actually!


Pope Francis is the head of a universal Church. Sometimes it’s tempting to think that he is tuned into CNN 24/7, or sitting around with his press secretary, drinking coffee and discussing the reports made by English-speaking American journalists.

I think his concerns are wider than that.



In fact, you are saying something that he himself said…something to the effect of “we all know what the Church teaches on this , it is very clear”…when he made his “why should I judge” statement.

He upholds Church teaching, his concern is with the type of “approach” we use in evangelization, and the way that we “respond” to the world.

Eventually his orthodoxy will become evident, and , yes, I’ve also been wondering about the pitchforks that will follow.


This is so naive. The fact is many Catholics DON’T KNOW what the Church teaches. They are mislead by the media. They need to be catechized. The Bishops’ primary role is to TEACH the truths of the Faith, not sit around and think to themselves “my flock can just read the Catechism and be fine.”


Nothing like a celebrity endorsement, huh? :rolleyes:


Now all of Elton John’s fans will flock to Rome to see Pope Francis! I wonder if the Vatican is prepared for so many people wanting to see the pope. It has to be a new experience for them. :stuck_out_tongue:


You are correct that many Catholics don’t know Catholic teaching and that we cannot simply say “read the Catechism” and hope that all will be well.

But is the answer to improving catechesis having Pope Francis go on record attempting to clarify every media misinterpretation? He’d constantly be on the defensive. I’m a bit uncomfortable giving the media that much power to control the narrative.

Yes, catechesis needs to improve. But Pope Francis does not do that work single-handedly through sound bites where he says, “Just to be clear, same sex activity is still wrong under Catholic moral teaching.” It isn’t even up to our bishops alone. It is up to all of us. We need to do our part to help catechize the culture. Pope Francis has a lot of clout, but he cannot do it on his own.


I thought it was MSNBC which wouldn’t let five minutes go by without praising the Pope.

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