Elvis and Andy Williams singing Catholic songs of Marian devotion!?

This is so cool!

I have been digging around and pulling up more obscure songs that what I normally listen to, and I found two absolutely lovely songs about the Blessed Virgin Mary, one by Elvis Presley (!) and the other by Andy Williams.

I suppose I was surprised by this because neither one of them is/was Catholic. Andy was raised in the Presbyterian Church and Elvis attended the Assembly of God Church as a child.

The song that Elvis sang is called “The Miracle of the Rosary”. It’s on Disc 2 of a CD collection called “The Complete Gospel Collection.” The only problem with the song is that he blows the lyric at one point while singing the words of the Hail Mary, singing “…and blessed is the fruit of OUR womb, Jesus” instead of your womb.:doh2: It’s still a very lovely and moving track though.

The Andy Williams one is just as moving. It’s called “The Village of St. Bernadette” and was a Top 10 hit for Andy in 1960. It even includes the “Ave” that is sung at the grotto in the chorus.

Have any of you heard either of these recordings? They are really worth digging up if you can get your hands on copies. Really, really lovely songs … gonna have one more listen before I hit the bed tonight.



Here’s the link to the Elvis one. I found it about a year ago. I know the guy who used to be Elvis’s bodyguard.

Thank you for the link with the information about Elvis’ recording of the song, along with the name of the LP on which it originally appeared. I’m sure the Andy Williams one can be found on on any decent collection of his late 50s-early 60s hits.

Thanks again!

We were at Andy Williams Christmas show in Branson, Mo in 2005, and Andy sang it there. That one show was well worth the trip.

That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing.


My younger sister and I grew up listening to our older brothers’ Andy Williams records (yes, I said RECORDS!). I love his version of The Village of St. Bernadette. I have also always loved his version of The Bells of St. Mary’s. We used to go to bed every night listening to that song on his Christmas album even when it wasn’t Christmas time! For both my sister and myself it’s not Christmas without listening to good, ole Andy Williams.

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