Elvis Vs The Beatles

Alright so I’ve dug through my musical collection once again and have found many records that my parents use to play when i was young ( mostly Elvis though) and have really started listen to them alot lately. Both artists have sold alot, have had many hits but in YOUR opinion who is the better artist out of the two?

Elvis Presley or The Beatles?

(If you havent listened to either of these artists I implore you to!)

Where’s Dean Martin in your choices (IMHO the BEST vocalist ever). This was definitely the most difficult poll I’ve had to answer since I like both.

Your opinion;)

I personally think Elvis is the best vocalist ever

I get tired of elvis. The beatles sound so good and the harmonies are amazing.

No contest - The Beatles.

Though my sig may refer to Elvis, I just have to say:

  • Erat abhinc viginti annis hodie,
    Centurio Piper catervam canere docebat.*

to be completely accurate, it is now *quadraginta annis *and change…

Elvis of course…voice and performance.

now the Beatles are terrific, also…especially writing songs.

I voted Beatles!!!

I have never been much of an Elivis fan, but I must give the man his credit where it is due; especially since The Beatles counted him as a role model.

I voted Beatles since they were true artists; in ever sense of the word - they were singers, songwriters, music writers, innovaters, and they truly revoluntionized the way albums are made and produced.


I voted The Beatles. The specific question was not who was a better singer or who was a bigger star, but who were the better artists. With that specific question in mind, I think The Beatles easily win. Elvis was a great singer and a fantastic star, but ultimately he was defined by the genre’s he performed in (Rock, Rock-a-billy, Gospel and Country). The Beatles on the other hand essentially transcended their origins and basically rewrote the rules not just for Rock music but for being recording artists in general.


I have to go with Elvis on this one. Although the Beatles are incredible Elvis will always be the King, and as such he takes my vote for his incredible music that we all know as Rock and Roll!

Beatles - no question about it. They were not only performers but composers who could all play several different instruments.

Beatles hands down:)

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