Emails: IRS official sought audit of GOP senator

WASHINGTON (AP) – Congressional investigators say they uncovered emails Wednesday showing that a former Internal Revenue Service official at the heart of the tea party investigation sought an audit involving a Republican senator in 2012.;_ylt=AwrBEiKHOqtTER4ARUnQtDMD

I’m sure it was totally justified.

</sarcasm offf>

The “R” behind his name was clearly sufficient reason to audit :D.

Does anyone wonder why Ms Lerner took the 5th? Does anyone think it’s a teensy bit suspicious that the emails were lost after a computer crash that closely followed an inquiry about the targeting, the hard drive recycled and the contract to back up the data was cancelled at just the right time? Such a number of coincidences! It’s to the point that even Jon Stewart is mocking them and a majority of Democrats believe the emails were deliberately “lost.” The emails that have been disclosed clearly demonstrate a pattern of abuse of power, arbitrary application of the rules, and a desire to impact the election of 2012.


Remember, Ben Carson MD, was audited, for the 1st time, by the IRS, months after he criticized Pres. Obama @ the National Prayer Breakfast. But not before the White House contacted him asking for an apology for criticizing Obama. Carson refused to apologize.

Add to the growing list of coincidences.

Funny considering the fact that the e-mails don’t say anything about auditing a GOP senator. From the article:

It was unclear from the emails whether Lerner was suggesting that Grassley or the group be audited — or both.

Also, how do you accidentally send an event invitation to the IRS instead of a Senator?

She suggested ‘exam’ which is an audit. The response indicates that she was focused on Grassley himself but the other agent told her that she was digging a dead well. There would be nothing about the INVITATION that would trigger an audit. As Ms Lerner was told, it would depend on whether he accepted the invitation, whether Mrs Grassley attended and was reimbursed and whether the amount was reported on a 1099. Further had all of these actions fallen into place, had Senator Grassley reported the income, he would be completely clear. There was absolutely NO reason to suggest an audit. None…other than a desire to harass another American taxpayer.

Ms Lerner, from a multitude of other email evidence, was clearly trolling for victims. I hope they can put her in jail where she belongs.


Put the electronic key to her cell in an email to the IRS. I bet she could find that one.

Trolling for Republican victims

Regardless, the politicization of government agencies, serving to advance the agenda of the ruling party speaks so much to the decent of the government to third world status. This is a crime against the citizens of the country. The fear of the administration, because they can raise money from the 1%’ers, allows Obama to get away with everything from murdering Libyans in an illegal use of force to the stifling of decent by aggressively targeting whistleblowers. This does not bode well.

At least in the 70’s there was enough folks with a spine that told Nixon no, when he tried to do lesser things.

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