Emails show how private and public clinton statements clash


WASHINGTON (AP) – Behind closed doors, Hillary Clinton adopted a rather more accommodating tone with Wall Street than she has on the campaign trail.

In private paid speeches to financial firms and interest groups, the Democratic presidential nominee comes off as a knowing insider, willing to cut backroom deals, embrace open trade and grant Wall Street a central role in crafting financial regulations, according to excerpts obtained last week through hacked campaign emails provided to WikiLeaks.

Compare that with her public remarks in the presidential race. For voters, Clinton has embraced the rhetoric of a class warrior: Higher taxes on the wealthy. Tougher rules for Wall Street. Empathy for the financial burdens of ordinary Americans.


I’m not surprised quite frankly, and I believe the article is spot on when it states that the discrepancy between her private and public Emails lend itself to distrust.


The problem with working both sides of the street is that your chances of being run down, crossing so frequently back and forth dodging traffic, increase exponentially, especially if you are given to bouts of passing out, falling or to forgetfulness regarding the side upon which you are currently doing the soliciting or pandering.


Hillary’s Wall Street comments simply prove that she a bought politician, like we have always known.

What’s more telling is her Wikileaks emails which show she wants open boarders and wants a single payee health system like Canada.




I always like your posts on here, Peter Plato. :thumbsup:


I am not surprised in the least. She has been lying regularly for the past 30 years and it is way beyond me how anyone could ever support her. Surely there were other Democrats who could have run.



Fortunately for her, no one ever lost a buck overestimating the general public.


I’ll vote for this as the funniest 2016 election post.:smiley:


Good one. :thumbsup:


The newest batch of Clinton emails show that Clinton hates “everyday Americans.”

And that her Communications Director, among others, has a particular disdain for Catholics.




Surprised :eek: NOT :rolleyes:


Honestly, if more of this comes out I may not vote for her after all. I won’t vote for Trump and the 3rd parties are a bunch of wack-a-doodles so there may be a blank spot on my ballot. :confused:


Unfortunately the Clinton media will spend next to no time on this


**Clinton camp appeared to have contacts with DOJ on email case


So she hates everyday Americans (which would be all of us on this board, including her supporters…), and reveals classified information in her highly-compensated speeches to Wall Street. Maybe she really is as ignorant as she claims about security issues.

Bin Laden secrets revealed in latest Clinton email leak


Have you heard the spin on this? HRC campaign is saying she meant the words “everyday Americans”. That is so funny and shows how ignorant they think Americans are!:smiley:

That just shows what they think about us Catholics…


Yes, they were stumbling over themselves to claim she hates the phrase “everyday Americans” not everyday Americans. The thing is she has a history of being foul-mouthed, rude, denigrating, and talking down to those “beneath” her. Ask anyone who worked in the White House in the nineties. Shameful. Still, her sycophants and the media will nod and say “yes, that’s it! Move long, nothing to see here. I just heard Trump say weiner.”

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