Embarassing Question- Marital Gift Fulfillment


Ok I have a question (I hope it's not too graphic) The other night when my husband and I were having intercourse, he climaxed and I didn't. He felt absolutely horrible about it and told me that he feels like a failure that he can't make me climax (it doesn't matter how much foreplay or nothing, I just don't) However to make him feel better I manually got myself to climax after the act when he left the room. I told him about it and he was happy that I was able to climax, however, did I sin? because if I did, I didn't know it was since we are married and it was for both of us. And if it was, then I received communion since then and I received unworthily. I am freaked out did I commit a sin even if I didn't know I was? Please help :crying::crying:


If you stimulated yourself when he was out of the room, that's called masturbation and yes, it's a sin. Go to confession and now that you know you shouldn't be doing that, you won't make that mistake again.


Yes, that's a sin.

Next time have him do the manual stimulation and then he gets his turn if you get my drift. If you do it, it's a sin. If he stimulates you then you have intercourse where he climaxes inside you, that's perfectly permitted.

Your're problem is who's doing the stimulation and the order in which you do it.


For the woman's climax, the order doesn't matter. Before or after - either is permitted.


[quote="Corki, post:4, topic:232546"]
For the woman's climax, the order doesn't matter. Before or after - either is permitted.


I guess you're right but who's doing it does matter, If I have it right. Not only that but both can enjoy it more if you time it right.


I set up an emergency confession appointment with my priest just in case anyways. But I do thank you all for helping. It means a lot to me :D


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