Embarrassed about praying

I was on my knees praying the rosary and then I heard a person approach my closed door. They know about my faith and all. But I got up in order to prevent that individual from seeing me pray because I was embarrassed. Would that be a mortal sin, venial sin, or just an imperfection?

And if any of you know why my little dot is red like no one else’s that would be fantastic.

Another question or two from SaintSaintSaint

It’s a venial sin. But why should you be ashamed of praying? People nowadays need to see anything Christian, anything that will remind them that there is a God. Don’t be embarrassed about your faith. As long as you’re not showing off or anything

“Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father.” Matthew 10:33

And what is this red dot you’re speaking of?

Thank You


Never be ashamed of who you are and of being so lucky to being a Catholic, if your in love with the Lord, you should shout it from the hilltops, in your case if your praying and some one sees you so what, you might give someone something to think about who might be lapsed and by your conduct bring the person back to the faith. Always be proud of being Catholic, and of being a man of prayer, you don’t see Jewish people at the Wailing Wall having problems in being seen they don’t care either its between them and the Lord.

When I log on I get a dot that is red by my username. When I’m not on it is black.

You should never be embarrassed to pray or to be seen praying. Jesus was not embarrassed to be seen praying in the garden before his crucifixtion & death.

you may be on invisible mode…check your profile details…

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