Embarrassing mass stories?

At my grandmother’s Requiem Funeral Mass a couple of years ago, the priest repeatedly referred to her as ‘Margaret’ even though that was not her name. And he’d known of my grandmother since the mid- 1990s.

He’s a good priest, nonetheless. He married my parents, baptised me, and celebrated the funeral Masses of both of my grandparents.


That sounds more cute than embarrassing.

That law of gravity will get you, every time.

And they wouldn’t make an allowance for a legitimate disability? Sounds a little closed minded, to me, and not very charitable.


I know right, isn’t the church spouse to be somewhat accommodating for people with disabilities?

When I was at Mass one day I reached for an elderly lady’s hand during the Our Father and was roundly rejected. I have done it before because I thought it was nice to do but I guess not all people are into crazy bearded guy going for the hand grab! :joy:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That wasn’t me! :rofl: :rofl:

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