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I have an embarrassing question and I’m sorry if anyone is reviled by this.

I have had a sort of diaper fetish since I was about 6 years old. I always felt a sort of odd comfort in them.
I had no idea these feelings were wrong until I was about 11 years old when I read a book on hell. It terrified me and I entered a nine year period of deep scrupulosity where anytime I thought about diapers I would immediately picture the color black and try as hard as I could to get it out of my mind. The thoughts circled in my mind, but I got good at short-circuting them.

I’m 19 now and haven’t engaged in that comfort of mine since I was 10. I have felt these incredibly strong urges for years that I have fought tooth and nail. I refused to let myself think about them, but just today finally acknowledging them to myself and looking online that other Christians have dealt with this is like the weight of the world off of my shoulders.

Some of them find engaging in it, with a focus on God, is not a sinful thing. Of course, however, I don’t want to accure teachers who tickle my ears without truth.

I have struggled with this a long time. Is it sinful for me to wear diapers and engage in something that has felt so natural with no pornographic or other illicit associated activities?

Have you sought therapy or counseling? Wearing diapers at 19 is really abnormal. It sounds more like a mental health issue to me than a sin.

I don’t wear them. I was a varsity athelete in high school who did pushups and situps everyday for years. I’m not some soft person, I’ve resisted these feelings for 10 years now.

I wasn’t suggesting that you were “soft” or weak or anything else. You asked if it was sinful for an adult man to wear diapers. I’m suggesting that this sounds more like a mental health issue and something you should address with a licensed therapist than a question of morals for a Catholic forum.

Time to seek out a therapist. What did you hope to gain by asking this question?

What book on hell did you read at 11 years old? I’m 50 and have never seen such a book for children that age. Where did you find diapers big enough for a ten year old? Who purchased them for you?

I am asking about the morality of this. I’m sorry you can’t sympathize with someone struggling to purge my mind of all thoughts like this for 8 years.

This is a fetish. There are sexual fetishes and non-sexual fetishes- yours falls into the latter category. It is not weak or shameful to seek out professional help for this. It is the best thing you can do for your mental, spiritual and physical health. A therapist will help you get to the root of why you have a particular obsession with diapers. Make sure you find a good therapist who specializes in this area of psychology.

As for the Christian or Catholic sin aspect of this, I don’t think anyone on this forum can answer that on your particular case. Do I think you should just give into this condition? No, because you will never get into ‘whys and wherefore’s’ of your obsession. A confessor would be the one to determine whether it is a sin or not, but because of frailty and culpability, any guilt would be lessened regardless.

God wishes us to grow and mature in our faith and relationship to Him. By spending all your mental energies on fighting this fetish, you are taking your eyes off of Him and keeping them on yourself. You are still very young. Get some help in coping with this and deepen your relationship with the Father. God bless.

Lack of sympathy is not the issue here. At 19 if you are considering marriage you need to treat things that will most certainly make you a less than desirable candidate for a nice Catholic woman to be the mother of your children. So, you might want to think about this as an issue that needs to be resolved before you will be a good husband and father.

You said you have been struggling since you were six. You are now 19. That means you have been struggling for 13 years, not 8.

What book did you read at the age of 11 about hell? I’m dying of curiosity.

I think you would get a better answer if you ask on the ask an apologist forum of catholic answers forums…

I dont think wearing a diaper itself is sinful as many adults wear them for health reasons…but whether or not its a sin would depend on WHY you want to wear one…a priest would be a better person to discuss with whether something is a sin or not and they will keep it confidential if you ask them in confession

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I said 8 years because that is how long I’ve gone cold turkey. it’s been present since age 6. about me being a good husband and father, I am the head of a club that provides pallbearer services for the elderly, indigent and forgotten and I attend mass every week. I’m not perfect but I’m not blindly asking this question. As I said I was a varsity athlete, I am in very good physical shape and I’m studying economics in college. I treat women with respect and dignity and I am well integrated into the social fabric. I’m not some outcast with no spousal potential. the book is hell by Bill Weiss

It’s called 20 mins in hell correction**. also I think it could be partly sexual. I hope not

Overall, I’d say that the way you have been handling it hasn’t worked. When I feel a temptation, I pray for help. With a specific problem like yours, I too would suggest counseling. If you can find a priest who has training in counseling, that would probably be better.

The book *Spiritual Combat *by Dom Scupoli has information on combatting sin. It can be found online (ask if you need a link). He suggests with temptations related to lust to not “engage in battle” the way one might with anger, but to mentally “leave the field of battle” in favor of prayer.

Do you mean 23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese? He is a Protestant and the book is somewhat controversial. We as Catholics do not have to believe someone that claims to have out of body experiences, visions, etc.

Either way, it seems you are conflating several issues here. Is there a “Catholic” question that you are asking?

yes. is it sinful to wear diapers in my scenario.

In post #3 you said:

I don’t wear them. I was a varsity athelete in high school who did pushups and situps everyday for years. I’m not some soft person, I’ve resisted these feelings for ten years now.

I don’t know about wearing diapers but you certainly can’t keep your own facts straight.

Have a good day! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean. This is a very difficult thing for me I’ve battled with and I don’t know where I’m not keeping my facts straight. I am getting sick of fighting this and I am asking if it would be sinful for me to engage in this.

Asking strangers on the internet about your diaper fetish and then trying to assert your future as a father and husband by telling us about varsity sports is odd. And most certainly will not be beneficial to you. It could be you are embarrassed, or that you enjoy the conversation in a titillating way. But none of that matters because what you need to do is find a trusted confessor and probably seek some psychological counseling. I see from previous posts that you have issues with scrupulosity. Please take this to your confessor and not to the public forums to have the poll of a bunch of posters who do not know you or your particular issue well.

At 19 you need to be more aware and set in your moral character and formation. Men at 19 don’t generally have this issue, in fact some of the diaper issues men at 19 can have includes changing them on their own children, Something a spouse would probably have a right to be concerned about if they knew of a diaper or defalcation fetish. When I was 19 I was in a psych class that hit the old fruedian anal fixation stage pretty hard. Taking a class might help you. Therapy definitely could help you and a confessor can guide and help you form a conscience.

Don’t feed the trolls.

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