Ember Days

On another Catholic web site, I read that Ember Days are coming up, but it offered little explaination on what Ember Days are and how we are to celebrate these days. Can anyone please explain what these days are, and how we are to recognize them?




Ember Days, are days of fasting and Prayer. If I remember correctly, they occur during both Advent and Lent. %between%


More often than that - I know there are ember day(s) that used to occur arround the feast of the Holy Cross (which occurred last week).

The September Ember Days always fall after September 14 (Feast of the Exhaltation of the Holy Cross). This date nearly coinicides with the end of summer, which for the ancients was September 12 (pridie Idibus Spetembris). The Ember Days of einter, spring, and summer do not coincide so exactly with the beginning of the respective seasons.There are 12 days each of 3 being Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

These were obligatory Fasting and complete abstinence days. This means abstinence from flesh meats and only a single meal of note for the fast day

They are celebrated to implore God’s blessings on the fruits of the earth, and to pray for the clergy.

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Why aren’t these days more widely recognized any longer? I think that a lot of people would be willing to fast and abstain on these days if they knew about them. At least I would be.

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The day after Sep 14 was a Friday, which is a day of penance at any rate.

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