EMBRACE ISLAM, or lose your job

EMBRACE ISLAM, or lose your job. “Christian Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia are complaining that their employers are threatening to fire them if they do not convert to Islam. It’s against the law for a Moslem in Saudi Arabia to convert to another religion. The punishment is death, and anyone attempting to convert Moslems is subject to the death penalty. This sort of double standard, and use of coercion, is a big deal in the Philippines, although the government there, and in Saudi Arabia, try to play down this particular problem.”

If the workers are in Saudi Arabia, they need to let the Phillipine Embassy know what’s going on. :mad: The bottom line is when they (and us) appear before God what will they (and we) say: “Sorry, we converted to Islam. It wasn’t personal it was just business.” That won’t fly! :eek:

Wish you all are blessed in Christ
I am a Baniya Catholic from India
Firstly, We need to address the sensitivities of the issues here.
Since Saudi Arabia forbids preaching any religion except Islam " which is wrong",still as peaceful soldiers of Christ; we should avoid visible preaching.
Now about the threats, obviously we can’t exchange our souls for petty threats or allures. We have eternal life in the image of Jesus and we should never foresake it
I would advise the Fillipines to complain to their consulate and they should keep on spreading the love of Jesus without unnecessary attention.
I pray to Our Father in Heaven to redeem the people of Middle east and lessen their poverty of souls.

This is just so sad. No religious freedom whatsoever.:frowning: I pray that in time this changes and this just reminds me who great America is, where we CAN worship as we please.

I know a lot of Filipinos converting to Islam for convenient and money. Don’t believe lies about Islam as the world’s fast growing religion.

Christ’s command to his disciples was to preach the gospel to all nations. There was no proviso about “except where it’s against the law.”

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