Embracing The Faith


In March of 2011 I will be Convert to the Catholic faith of 3 years. I joined for few reasons and I stick to the fact I wanted to be closer to God. I took an Initial year to think about the decision to be catholic and when time came I took the classes. I really paid attention to everything and kept every scratch of paper. Having come from a family of two different faiths. I wasn't baptized until I was in the process of becoming a full member. I had to tip to for awhile from my mom about the classes and fessed up that was taking religion classes and along the way get help about how to tell her. At the same time was afraid to tell her knowing how she would react I could not help but hold back. Every discuss the faith it seems I feel guilty sometimes because of the big step I took and it doesn't help there is negative issues and discussion concerning the faith, Needless to say I try to stay positive and study the faith and practice it to the fullest even though now my mom and I are of different faiths. What can I do to embrace and make it as positive and fulling as possible? She likes learning about it but doesn't agree with some of things the church does like the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I have stopped talking about it because it gets to heavy but try to keep an open mind and let her start the conversation if she wants to know anything. What can I do?


The same thing you are doing. There is not much you can do. Assuming you are happy, show her you’re happy. If she has questions, try to find short and to the point information, like pamphlets, that elaborate if you feel uncomfortable elaborating what the Church teaches and why. Join the crowd. When I go home to visit my mother-in-law I get the come to Jesus talk. “remember when we sat down together and read the bible”. Well, I probably know scripture much better than she ever did even though they were bible only and I was Catholic when we first met. But over time the Lord led me back to the fold into the Catholic Church and this time by my own understanding without the heretics interfering, viz., cafeteria Catholics. Even though my wife converted, they all assume I did it and that it wasn’t something she did on her own accord. In fact, I made sure God understood I would do nothing to try to convert her but that if he wanted me back home He had to find a way to convert her. Only then would I come home, because I had already made my bed and chose to stick it out to the end begging for God’s mercy to help me get home, if this is truly where I belonged.

My point is, show you mom that you are happy now. Avoid arguing when she disagrees. Just go to the next topic. Mom’s won’t shut up even if you tried to stop them, ;). Well, mine wouldn’t had she been alive to see me convert back.


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