Embracing Your Greatest Fear

St Francis embraced the leper. Jesus embraced the cross. As i get older i am coming to beleive the true freedom, from fear and anxiety, comes with acceptance or surrender to the reality of our greatest fears even befor they occur (if they even do).

“Into you hands O lord, I commend my spirit.”

Or does that seem to passive? Too fatalistic?


I have no fears on solid ground. My fear is about leaving solid ground (airplanes). Never flown and never will.

Oh I tell a fib, I am fearful of slithery snakes, rats, some mean looking spiders.


i still would not

hold a funnel web

kiss a fierce snake

swim with those stinging jellyfish

splash around in croc infested waters
but God tells us not to be stupid and expect a rock to feed a child

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I should go into the desert and get my hand stuck in a rock, and then cut it off with a Leatherman? Because that’s my greatest fear.


(Look up 127 Hours)

never put your hand in a rock, could be a snake in it!

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Praise the Lord. It is a surrendering to the Lord’s will for you. God bless you for having reached this stage in spirituality.

Martyrdom - has got to be the toughest challenge.

In the book of Daniel - his 3 friends - the fiery furnace - no way.

Didn’t Saint Francis “ almost “ walk on hot coals - ?

They say the 12 disciples all went to their deaths - via harsh tactics.

Or even Abraham - raising the knife - about to murder his very son.


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Ya, I didn’t mean do something stupid. I was thinking more about the things life brings our way. Loss of a spouse, incapacitation… not causing them but accepting them theoretically…

Death actually doesn’t seem all that bad when thought about logically and dispassionately. Having to live and deal with all kinds of cr** for another day is much more anxiety-inducing.

Of course, I’ve found that when one’s life is actually threatened, there’s some sort of inborn reflex that kicks in and makes you fight to survive no matter how much you were going around logically thinking that death would be an okay idea.


St. Francis embracing a leper - would be considered stupid - to many.

You say ‘ not causing them ‘ - that made me laugh :sweat_smile:


large constricting snakes



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I think you’re on to something interesting, but I don’t know how it would play out in a practical level…

Well one person mentioned “kissing a fierce snake”. But then kissing a leper? Kind of gross but I dont think dangerous.

But another person mentioned air travel. For me that is a good example only because I hate the bother and pain in my ear when we descend. But I have to do it once a year for my job. Because I accept it as part of God’s will and all the inconveniences, dangers and discomfort that goes with it, I no longer have anxiety or dread about it.

Caterpillars are your greatest fear?

I would just like everyone to take a minute and reflect on the death of the worlds oldest spider. It was 43 yo!

Erm, how did they know?
And why didn’t anyone squish it, for cryin’ out loud!

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Wasnt she cute!

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