Embryo Adoption


My wife and I are starting to pursue adoption. One avenue that we feel drawn to in addition to traditional adoption is that of embryo adoption. I realize that this is a gray area that the church has not made a statement on yet, and I don’t really care to debate the moral complications involved (in this thread at least). I would like to hear from anyone else who has gone down this path, or at least contemplated it. Feel free to PM me if you prefer.

On a side note, I was saddened when I called the IRS to see if embryo adoption fees would count towards the adoption tax credit. It turns out that this is not legaly treated as an adoption, but as an exchange of property. According to our government, a person is not a person until they have a social security number. Until then, they have no rights.


I hope all goes well down the adoption path :). I was adopted and am SOOO thankful my birthmom chose life and my parents adopted me :).

As far as embryo adoption - my husband met a family who had gone through embryo adoption and have two beautiful children now :). They are devout Catholics and felt called to this. :slight_smile: God bless!


You guys will be in my prayers as you pursue each adoption path. It saddens me that adoptions is such a horrible process in regards to expense and paperwork. I mean it is rediculous.

I saw a story this morning that a couple is selling their tickets to the (GAME OF THE CENTURY) Ohio State vs. Michigan game in order to raise money to adopt a guatamalan child. They said just the “down payment” for the paperwork initiation was $12000!!! Thats rediculous. They also said the overall costs would be about $35000.

I mean that is a new car! Until we fix the adoption problem (make it easier and cheaper) we can’t expect the abortion issue to be solved! We need more couples like you! My parents have adopted two children (different race) and my wife was adopted as well! So I am in FULL SUPPORT of what you are doing! Unfortunately all I can offer is my prayers, but I hope that helps.


I don’t know much about this, we did traditional adoption, but I think if you google ‘snowflake babies’ there is an actual agency that handles these types of embryo adoptions. Good for you for considering adoption in any form, it has been the best thing to happen to us! :smiley:


I know that this thread if a few months old, but if you are interested in talking to someone about embryo adoption we’d be happy to discuss our experiences with you. We have a child through embryo adoption. PM me if you want to talk - I’m not sure how to PM you! :smiley:



If finances are a barrier, there are agencies which can help with grants, low interest loans, and other financial assistance.

Here are a few links if you’re interested:




I’m not sure whether these agencies view embryo adoption differently than ‘regular’ adoption (as our government apparently does :mad:), but I thought I’d pass along the links for you and any others who might be interested.

It would certainly be worth contacting them to ask :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Best of luck!



Embryos can be adopted directly through some fertility clinics and transferred at very little cost — just a fraction of what a traditional adoption costs.

Still, if finances are an issue, contact me — I know someone who is interested in financing embryo adoptions for Christian couples who are infertile.


We are an infertile couple and want to adopt an existing frozen baby. The thought that they are sitting there helpless without a mother is horrible. We will sign over adoption tax credit and other future incentives if someone is willing to finance us. I recently bought a house and do not have the reserves that I would hope to have. When we do we plan to help another couple. Maybe this would cause a chain of events to end this temporary abortion. I we could help two famillies and each of them when able could help two, maybe I’m just dreaming. Please help us. I will give you legal documentation that would give you access to our tax credit/ return. Which is $11k for tax credit and at least 2k for return. I think the company I work for would give up to 3k if it considers this adoption. That is $15k, I believe we can have it done for $11k to 15K.

Thank You. :slight_smile:
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I think adoption processes need to be more streamlined in order to make it easier for families to adopt. I have family members that have considered the adoption process and found it all to be too daunting. I feel that at some point my husband and I should adopt a child regardless of whether we are able to have one biologically.

I wish you all the best with your adoption. I know embryo adoption is a gray area, but my personal belief is that since life does begin at conception that is just as much a child as any other and every child should be able to come into this world feeling entitled to a loving father and mother. (Growing up with a single parent due to the death of a parent being the exception, of course. Once certainly cannot hold that against anyone).

I applaud your decision to adopt. I think if every Catholic family discerned their ability to adopt a child in need of a family then most would find they could take in at least one child. We could make orphans a thing of the past because no one would need to be an orphan for long.


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