Embryology laws pass first hurdle : United Kingdom


The House of Commons in the UK has voted in favor of the controversial embryology Bill by a majority of 262 votes.

This Bill includes:

Legalizing the ‘manufacture’ of human-animal hybrid embryos

The creation of embryos by IVF and genetic screening to use their cells or organs to help an older child with an illness (the child in these circumstances must be kept, but it is still inhumane!)

The removal of the law stating that for IVF to take place there must be evidence that the resulting child would have a ‘father figure’ in their life.

If you are a British national please consider writing to your MP (if you have not done so already) and asking them to take action. You can email your MP from this website spuc.org.uk/mps (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children website). If you are not a British national then please pray for those of us trying to make a difference to this Bill and also pray for those we are trying to convince.

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I surely will. Gordon Brown has looked to be a fish out of water since he became PM, I’ve been prepared to lend him my support, though, because I thought he was an honourable man. However, now that he’s come out in favour of this legislation, that support has gone. Not only wil lI be writing to my MP, I’ll be writing to him directly. Looks like his status as a son of the manse has had little inlfuence on his thinking.

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